Thursday, October 6, 2011

To Do: Go on Babymoon

You know what a babymoon is, right?
It's that last trip couples take without lugging a baby, carseat, diaper bag, pack & play, etc.

So what did we do for our babymoon?
We rented an RV and drove around the state of Texas! 
That's the Ervin's--adventurous romantics! 

Oh, we had some adventures!  Despite the 100 degree days and some restless nights on that oh so comfy bed for this 6 month preggers, we really had a good time.  No accidents.  A few U-turns.  Lots of camp showers.  Tons of walking. And many miles traveled! 

Bear with me and I'll fill you in on some of our highlights over the next few blogs.  But here is a glimpse of our home-sweet-home for 8 day, 7 night getaway.  Check that off our bucket list!

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