Monday, October 10, 2011

To Do: Babymoon Days 3&4 (San Antonio)

On the road again (sing it with me...)

Not too far from Austin, we drove onward South to San Antonio.  It's probably the city we wanted to see the most on our trip.  We would have loved to stop along the way to spend a day at the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels, TX (outside San Antonio), but poor Matt had this extra baggage that would only be able to enjoy the lazy river...not quite worth it.  But someday! 

This time we knew to go reserve our campsite FIRST!  See, we may be blonde, but not dumb.  We stayed 2 nights at a super nice (that means clean bathrooms to me) campsite on the outskirts of town.  But...the bonus was that it was a stop on the city bus line.  Very handy when you consider driving an RV through downtown areas is not fun.  Plus, the bus itself brought lots of entertainment!

We spent a lot of time strolling along the RiverWalk.  It's just as amazing as they advertise.

While mainly restaurants (and lots of hungry ducks), it was shady and the landscaping/architecture was gorgeous. 

 Of course, when in Texas, you must enjoy Mexican cuisine.  We stopped on the first day for Happy Hour.  Yes, mine was a virgin margarita (which fyi, cost twice as much as Matt's giant one...what!)

That night we again ate Mexican and enjoyed dinner along the river, with great people-watching!

The downside to depending on the bus was the last bus left sometime after 9pm.  We didn't want to risk it so we left fairly early that night.  We figured we had the entire next day too.

So on Tuesday, we played the role of tourists.  (which basically means $ here, $ there).  We started off at the famous Alamo. 

 I mean you haven't seen Texas till you've seen the Alamo. 

Unless of course you have seen the Alamo before, and you'll likely not go back.  Wow, it was sort of a disappointment to us.  Now before my friend, Kendall, (a history buff) goes all postal, I will say that some of it was interesting.  But not worth all the hype.  As we were warned, it is so small! 

It's kind of like that old cheer "we've got spirit, yes we do, we've got spirit, how 'bout you?"  Texans have a lot of Texas Spirit!  But, hey, now we can say we've been there.

After the Alamo, we boarded an air-conditioned tour trolly (we wanted to do the double decker, but the air trolley sold us! Remember, it's still 100 every day despite it being the end of September).  It drove to various sites around San Antonio, where you could get on and off.  It was lunch time and heaven knows we didn't want to miss a meal, so we headed to the Market Square. 

 Guess what we had to eat?  Matt said his meal was one of the best Mexican meals he's ever had. 

We planned to go visit a mission, but messed up on the times, so when we didn't get off on the last stop at the Alamo, the driver asked where we were planning to go.  He explained the schedule, but kindly drove us to the Hemisfair Park instead.  Built for the World's Fair in 1968, we rode up 500 feet to the top of the Tower of America's...enjoying the view basically to ourselves. 

We went to the mall that was on the CityWalk (yes, Mateo got an outfit), we watched a movie at the IMAX about elephants and monkeys being rescued (Matt's first IMAX experience outside of Disney), then you won't believe this, but it was time to eat again!  This time we went for barbeque!  We hung out on the lit CityWalk some more, hoping to catch the famous boat ride down the river just as the lights came on.  (Sadly, this picture from 500 feet in the air is somehow the only picture of the boat we got!)

But, you know how Texas is having a serious drought?  Go freakin' figure.  A storm was brewing and they shut down the boats.  So here we were there for 2 days and of all things we didn't get to do was the famous boat ride!  I was totally bummed, yet glad to get back to the rv before the wind started picking up.  (FYI--it never rained).

So that was our two days in San Antonio. Whew!

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