Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Do: Babymoon Days 7&8 (Dallas again)

Golly gee, I hate to leave out a single detail of our trip for the 10 of you reading about it...

Our original plan was to drive from Round Top to Houston then back to Dallas, making a giant triangle.  But, locals told us there really wasn't much in Houston except traffic so we headed the advice and just went back to Dallas.  By this point to, the oh-so-comfy bed in the rv wasn't so great anymore and we were sick of being tourists. 

Conveniently, the almost halfway point back to Dallas was the Czech Bakery...remember those kaloches?  Matt went back for that warmed cherry cream cheese masterpiece, while I decided to venture out and try the chocolate cupcake. 

Oh my!  It was like an inch of cupcake with 4" of rich, fudgy icing.  Literally, it was like homemade fudge on top.  Quite heavenly, but even a little too rich for me.  Luckily, Matt had this great idea of getting a cinnamon roll as well to share...it is now my new favorite.  (You know, for the next time I stop by).  Yummo!

Ok, so here it was Friday, our last full day in Texas.  Again, my own personal trip advisor, Anna Beth, had tipped us that the Texas State Fair opened on Friday. 

I knew then that this was on my to-do list.  Having been a 4-Her for 11 years, going to the state fair was just something you did.  Matt on the other hand had only been to the fair once, and that was just to go to a concert.  So Texas State Fair, here we come!

Two great things happened: (1) It was opening day. (2) It was about 15 degrees cooler!!  We got to the fair around 11am...after being led to 3 different gates to park because the parking attendants didn't know where to park rvs on day one.  The gondolas were the first thing we saw. 

We figured it would be cool to ride above the fairgrounds first to take in all the sights before walking. 

2 minutes.  Ride is over.  It only goes over the carnival.  Boo! 

So we walked to the main entrance--we had to see the historic landmark, Big Tex. 

Check!  And right in front of Big Tex, a large crowd was gathered.  We quickly realized it was the line for "the original corn dog". 

Oh Matt, he's so "corny"--somehow the only picture we got is when he managed to take a big ole' bite.  If it was me eating, I wouldn't allow such a picture on here--but it's my blog, not his. Ha!  Corn dog-Check.

We took in it all: the enormous car show, the butter cow,

the free ice cream sample in the Texas products showcase, watched people embarrass themselves at the vendor's tent shaking their not-so-firm booties,

of course saw the pig races,
and the dog tricks show, watched people on their duck paddleboats, etc.

We saw it all!  I even drug Matt through the show barns--which by the way, were so clean! 

We only saw 3 longhorns the entire trip.  One in a field, one on a truck on the highway, and this one at the fair.  They are huge!

That evening we stayed and watched the opening ceremonies (Gov. Perry was not there...hmmm...out campaigning?)
 followed by the daily light parade then a light show synchronized to music. 

But it wouldn't be the Texas State Fair with what they are truly known for--Fried Food!  The choices were everywhere and simply unreal! 

We passed on the fried beer, fried autumn pies, fried smores (though I was tempted), fried moonpie, fried pb&j, fried butter, fried snickers, etc.  This year's new special was fried bubblegum (though it really was a fried marshmallow). 

It took a lot of willpower to pass this stand too!

 So what did we eat?  Well, besides the corn dog, we went for my favorite, the walking taco (which I guess is strange to those in Texas from the questions I got), fried oreos, and our favorite...fried cookie dough!

 What a day at the fair!

Finally, the day had come for our trip to end.  We had to have the rv back by 11am.  Unfortunately, our flight didn't leave until 6pm.  So we took all of our luggage and went to the Chilis inside the airport to watch the exciting Arkansas game (even though it was just down the street!).  Luckily that made time go fast.  I can tell you it sure felt good to sleep in our own bed that night. 

It was a fun trip and definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience in our RV!

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