Friday, August 12, 2011

To Do: Make a Peach Pie

If you have been a blog reader for awhile now, you probably already know about our love for white peaches. It's just like candy corn in the fall--you can't pass them up! We had just made a peach cobbler a week or two ago using some white peaches from the farmer's market. But, when we saw these beauties at Sam's Club on Sunday, we knew we just couldn't pass them up. And oh, were they good!!

By Wednesday they were nice and ripe. But I decided instead of another cobbler, I would try out one of those new recipes that I had tore out of the July Southern Living magazine. It was called Brown Sugar Cinnamon Peach Pie. It was a long (and somewhat detailed recipe) so instead of typing it up, check out this link:

I love making pies, but even though it's probably my favorite, I had never made a peach pie. The recipe had me making the dough from scratch. I normally just used the recipe on the Crisco can, but went with this one. Next time, I'll go back to my usual crust. This one was a little tough to me, though it tasted fine. (Tip: Pie ingredients work best when cold. You can keep your Crisco in the freezer and it won't freeze). As you can see, my crust would definitely not have earned me a blue ribbon at the fair. And if I was a 4-Her still, I'm sure my Home-Ec teacher mother would have made me start over.

But you know, once I added those amazing peaches (which look like apples since they are white), it really didn't matter.

I figured it already wasn't the world's prettiest pie, so this would be a time to try yet another new skill. I made my first lattice top. Again, I see the red ribbon presentation, but really, Matt doesn't care.

Long story short--see if your local Sam's has white peaches in stock now and go try this recipe. It was yummy!
PS: Dear Matt's co-workers, until Pampered Chef comes out with a peach peeler, pitter, likely won't be getting a peach pie no matter how much you beg!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

To Do: Get Matt a Haircut

Have you seen all of those posts on Facebook about "You know you are from Blue Mound if..."?

Well, I have one. You know you are from Blue Mound if you ever waited several hours to get a haircut from Barber Bob. Yes, I can tell you that Matt has spent many hours of his life with Barber Bob. Because not only did you used to have to wait (he now goes by appointments...duh), but a haircut actually takes an hour to get! No exaggeration!

But Matt will tell you that precision takes time. To say he LOVES Barber Bob's haircuts is an understatement. Since we moved from IL three years ago, it's the one thing Matt still can't let go. He had only gone to Barber Bob for the first 30 years of his life--no one else could possibly do it the same!

When we were home last, it was obvious that Matt was due for a trim. My family sure got a kick out of seeing Matt's curls in the nice humidity.

But a miracle happened--Barber Bob gave Matt a haircut. Oh no, this was special. See, almost every time we go back home, Matt calls Barber Bob and schedules a haircut--whether he really needs it or not. But this time was special because Barber Bob told us that it was the first time he has ever given a haircut on a Sunday! Yep, that's the royal treatment you get when you drive 8 hours for a haircut.

Oh Barber Bob!

P.S.--Matt has already informed me that "Mateo" will also have to go to Barber Bob!

To Do: Age Slowly

Well, now the hard part--designing the nursery. It's not decorating that overwhelms me--I'm excited to have a new room to do. It's deciding! We have at least narrowed it down to 2 concepts, yes themes. The problem is: I love them both! Because I know you will ask, the two themes are: Nautical vs. Alphabet/Vintage Toys.

Anyway, in doing my "research" for vintage Fisher Price toys available on ebay (tons by the way!), I came across some photos of toys that I remember having in our house growing up. Since most say they are 1960's or 70's, I'm assuming that several probably belonged to my older siblings. But looking at these toys was like a mini-flashback! If we go with the vintage theme, I'm sure many of these will be gracing the little guy's room---and I bet he will love to hear about how his mommy used to have that toy when she was a kid!

Did you have any of these?

And of course this would go with the ABC theme!
Ok, this silly log cabin with the squirrels was one of my very favorites!!

Yes, I know Aunt Sara & Uncle Matt have purchased this for birthday gifts. I'm not scared!

When I announced that I was pregnant, my sister Sherry said "Oh my Gosh! You are going to be the oldest mom in the school!" (Or something along that line). I may be 34, but I just don't feel 34. And really, I don't care. But a few weeks ago when we were in IL, my niece, Kara (Sherry's daughter ironically) came to realize my age. (She thought I was just 26--said it was like I just never changed ages. I agree!) Anyway, she too said "You are going to be such an old mom!"

I will just have you know that I made the cutoff. I did not have to go to the 35+ section! (Title of the book you probably can't read says "Your Pregnancy: After Age 35).

To Do: Think Blue

Here I go again...last week...we had the big ultrasound. It was like waiting for Santa to come as we waited anxiously for the big day to arrive to find out if the baby was a boy or girl. Luckily, though he is quite active in there, the baby did cooperate and show us his goods. Nothing like making his daddy proud (if you know what I mean!). Yep, no doubt it's a boy!

(And we have about 5 other pictures of his private parts in case you still have doubts! Geez, the radiology tech was proud of that discovery!)

I didn't figure you would care to see a picture of his femur bone or hand....but if you want, I have them...ha! Overall, we didn't get any super great photos this time. But I think this one is pretty cool too, showing all the bones in his spine. Matt's a little jealous he can bend like that!
The little guy seems to be growing just like he is supposed to. Which for this Child Development major, I just find so fascinating! It's all just like magic!

And as for ME growing, well, I guess I'm becoming the Dough Boy like magic too! I went from gaining 1.5 lbs at my last visit, to gaining 3.5 lbs this visit. I honestly feel like maybe I've already gained 3 lbs since last week!! I'm still in my regular clothes, but here's a secret--I rarely have my the button on my pants buttoned! So, since you've been is my first baby bump photo (20 weeks).

Photo may make me larger than I appear, at least I think so

The other excitement is that I finally have felt his kicks! It's kind of cool, yet kind of weird all at the same time!

Finally, even though we know the little guy's name, you know we aren't telling. I think I'll call him Mateo (the spanish version of Matt) on the blog. It's a name I like, but I hate to disappoint our favorite Mexican's Lynda & Itzel, it's not his real name! But let me end with a funny story about names:

When we were visiting the Browns in Alabama this summer, we chose that weekend to tell them our news about the baby. Jude, age 4, was quite excited. Because Jude truly deep down loves Justin Beiber, he thought we should name it Justine if it was a girl. When we asked him what we should name it if it was a boy, without a second of hesitation, he said "Usher." Hmm..Usher Ervin? We'll have to think about that!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To Do: Guess Boy or Girl

For those of you making a last minute guess on the baby's gender, here is some stats to help your determination:

* I don't have a recent photo of me since I am barely showing. But some say I am carrying it low. (Which may mean boy)

* At my last check-up, the baby's heart rate was in the high 150's (Old wise tale says girl)

* I have not been sick (which means its a boy to me because a lot of my friends who had girls were sick).

Matt's immediate family has 2 boys, 1 girl (leans towards boy)
There are currently 3 nieces and 4 nephews on Matt's side (leans towards boys)
Matt's cousins have 3 daughters and 6 sons among them (leans towards boys)

Sara's immediate family has 4 girls, 1 boy (leans towards girls)
There are currently 5 nieces and 3 nephews on Sara's side (leans towards girls)
The first born for all 3 of my sisters was a girl (leans towards girl)

* The Girl Scout curse for my buddies in the Springfield office has not yet been broken. So far, 8 boys, 0 girls (definitely leans toward boy)

* According to the Chinese fortune calendar, it says boy

* I've had no real cravings yet, but definitely prefer sweet vs. sour (girl)

* According to (based on Old Wive's tales), it says I have a 67% chance of a girl. what do you think? That it's still a 50/50 chance either way?

For those of you hoping for one of each, sorry! When the doctor did my first sonogram she said "well, there is only one." I blurted out "Thank God" and explained the twins and triplets on Matt's side. It honestly hadn't crossed my mind till she said that, but for one I am truly grateful! And though it sounds cheesy, we will be thrilled with either a boy or a girl!

To Do: Matt's genes vs. Sara's genes

Tomorrow is a big day around here. Well, we can hope! I have my big ultrasound and we are hoping to find out if we can start shopping in the girl section or boy section. Trust me, I have way too much time on my hands right now not to know!

We have also been doing some major household cleaning...transitioning the computer/office into the new nursery....which means getting rid of lots of clutter! Add to that list, I've decided to tackle our huge box of photos and get them more organized (more on that later). But through that process, I've come across some goodies...and don't worry family, this time it's Matt & I's turn for embarrassment!

You've probably heard me whine before that being the 5th child means there are hardly any pictures of you. As revenge, my poor child will probably beg to not have another photo taken! But here is what I looked like as a baby:

Yep, that's as good as I get!

Looking at my toddler pictures, I think it would be all right if the baby takes after me a little.

Ok, maybe not the "Stahl" hair (my mom's side of the family knows what I mean with our straw like hair), but the dimples! I looked so sweet and innocent. (By the way, oh I wish I still had that stroller!)

But then I hit those ackward years. Years with a big S. Many of them! Holy cow let's hope Matt's gene's prevail!!!

Side Note: Matt asked "Why are you wearing jeans?" Because I was just the statistician! Mrs. Baker told me I was too skinny that year to make the team. Bless her heart, I later realized she meant I was weak. Me? Oh Lordy, those glasses, that mullet, my jeans hiked to my non-existing boobs! No wonder Matt always had a crush on me!

Matt was just the second child, but I had to search to find a baby photo of him as well. Here he is at 2 months, looking like he is ready to fight!

I, as the one giving birth, would like to note that small heads do not run in the Ervin family though.

But then, look at this cuteness!

If the baby does end up looking more like Matt, we have been able to watch a sneak peak. This is Matt at our wedding with his cousin's son, Jacob, who is a Matt Jr! Even 8 years later! Below is a picture of Matt in 1st grade to compare.

No matter whose genes win, there is a pretty good chance this kiddo will have blonde hair, a big nose, and dimples. Oh and a great personality :)