Friday, October 7, 2011

To Do: Babymoon Day 1 (Dallas)

Our trip started off in Texas.  It's odd that every other exit in Arkansas has an rv/camper store, yet no where in Arkansas can you rent an RV.  So...we ended up flying into Dallas and getting the rv there.  They didn't have the smallest RV available (that was in Houston) but the next size up seemed to be a perfect fit for us.  Sure, we had 2 extra beds but they were great for stroring suitcases.

We rolled out of the rv place shortly after lunch...with really no idea where we were heading first!  We ended up driving to Arlington in hopes of checking out the Dallas Cowboys stadium. 

We met a friendly greeter there (ps--Texas truly had the friendliest people I've ever met in the south!!)...he encouraged us to come back on Sunday instead, as the Cowboys were hosting a rally.  We took that advice and decided to go find a place to eat and watch some football. 

Thanks to TripAdvisor, we stopped at Bobby V's Sports Cafe.
Bobby V's is on Bowen, just north of I-20.
Sure it was 2:00 and Mama Bear here was starving...but truly, the best chicken fingers I've ever had!  Bobby V we later figured out was Bobby Valentine's restaurant (he was a manager for the Rangers).  It was chuck full of sports collectables, which Matt loved.  We also got prime seats in front of the tvs---able to watch both the Razorback and Illini games. 

We searched out our first campsite, coming across Trader's Village--a giant flea market to boot! 

I thought you only found giant flea markets in Florida!  Oh, but it wasn't long till we realized this wasn't so grand.  Maybe I should say, it wasn't long till we realized it was just a bunch of junk and we were about the only ones who spoke English! 

We headed to the local Wal-Mart instead--stocking up on our breakfast and lunch supplies for the week.  Then it was our first night of r&r in a campground.  Not too shabby.

And that my friends was Day 1.  Gee, I bet you can hardly wait to read about Day 2!

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