Thursday, October 13, 2011

To Do: Week 28 Appt.

Week 28's doctor appointment went good.  Well, it probably won't surprise you that I'm almost ready to enter week 30, but who's counting?  At this point, I'm not so sure it really matters.  It only took me like 10 hours to write up details of our Texas trip and that surely is more exciting to read than this!

Anyway, "Mateo" and I are both growing.  Yes, both of us.  Unfortunately, hitting the Texas State Fair 3 days before my appt is what I am using as my excuse to why I gained an extra 2 pounds this month!  My belly actually didn't grow as much.  Conclusion: I grew wide, not out.  Scary!!  Needless to say, I've since stashed the fridge with more veggies and fruit this week and my neighbor Lindsay and I have started walking 1.3 miles (yes, that 0.3 matters) every day!  My doctor really wasn't worried, it just bugged ME!

My week in Texas seemed to bring out an array of pregnancy symptoms: swollen ankles, charley horses daily, and acid reflux.  But really, I feel bad even complaining since I've had it so good.  And the ankles and horses have since gone away.  And since everyone asks, nope, I have no cravings yet.  Oh, and with much relief, I was thrilled to find out I passed the glucose test!  Bring on the sugar!  (more like sweet tea).  I'm definitely preparing for the limited sleep as side sleeping is not for me.  I sure hope these big hips are good for something! 

Mateo remains super active in there--I seriously think he is constantly practicing that maneuver that swimmers make when they come to the wall and have to flip and go the other way.  That's what I imagine anyway.  His swim practice usually starts about 8pm and goes till about midnight, then restarts at 5am.  And you may have seen on Facebook that I felt him get hiccups for the first time this week.  I couldn't believe you really could tell, but that rhythm was pretty obvious.

Speaking of obvious, I guess my baby bump is now obvious--which is sort of a relief because I now I know they don't just think I'm chunky. 

And I had my first belly rub from a stranger in Texas as the hostess touched me and then went on and on and on about her 6 kids!  I didn't panic though and handled it better than you would think.

My first baby shower is this Sunday here in Little Rock!  Now that is exciting!  Don't worry--I'm sure I'll be telling you all about it (maybe in like 3 weeks..ha).  People, I'm busy! 

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