Monday, May 28, 2012

To Do: Meet in Memphis

One of the things on our bucket list to do before we left Arkansas was to go to Tunica, MS...the nearest outlet mall.  And another one was to meet up with our friends, the we definitely won't be having as many weekend trips to Alabama anymore (boo).

So, as the schedule got full, we ended up combining the two--We met in Tunica for a weekend getaway.  We can go anywhere and have fun together!  Unfortunately, Chloe wasn't able to join us...though I can tell you that Jude LOVED having Parker all to himself. (Parker loved it as well as you can tell...just kidding!)

The first night we got settled into our rooms (at Harrah's Casino), then decided to head to the casino for dinner.  (Let's just say the choices were limited).  But...The food court wasn't quite what we were expecting!  Nor was the fact that I got carded as I carried the diaper bag.  Urgh!  As if I already didn't already look like Parent-of-the-Year getting carded, imagine the stares as we crossed the casino with infant in tow to get to the food.  

The next day, Sophie, Parker, and I hit the small outlet mall.  Parker (who I swear Matt has somehow brainwashed to hate shopping) was a good trooper and slept most of the time.  And Sophie and I decided to surprise Jude with matching outfits for him and his buddy, Parker!  Precious!!!  Heath and Matt took Jude to the driving range--He now wants golf clubs for Christmas!  

Since food options were a little limited there as the casino, we took the 30 minute drive into Memphis for the rest of the day.  

But before our yummy dinner, we headed to The Peabody Hotel, to watch the traditional duck march.  (Yes, sadly, I never got to see that in Little Rock's Peabody either).

Parker missed every minute of it!

We headed back to the hotel, where the boys insisted on checking out the pool.  Sophie and I stayed back and got Parker tucked into bed.  Then...

The fire alarm went off!!

Holy cow it was loud.  I grab Parker (swaddled and all)--who didn't even flinch even though the alarm was right above his pack-n-play blaring "There is an Emergency." I did throw on a bra, but in seconds, I was ready to evacuate.

Sophie on the other hand...She kept saying "what is that?"  Hello!  Let's go!  She changed into clothes and went looking for her purse.  She thought I better pack a diaper bag and bottle--who knows how long we could be out there.

It was one of those things that you just had to be there, but we sure got a good laugh--as we barely made it to the stairway and was told it was a false alarm!  Guess next time, I'll think a little more about Parker's needs and not just getting out :)

One of the highlights for me when we hang out with the Browns is that Sophie always keeps Parker one night so we can get a good night's sleep.  It's truly like the best gift ever!

Finally, on our last day, we headed back over to the casino to hit one of Matt and I's favorite spots--Paula Deen's buffet!  I'm not a fan of buffets, but this one is great!  Since it was Sunday, we got to enjoy brunch and it was yummy!

Jude especially liked the dessert choices!

As we headed out of town, Matt and I stopped at the Pottery Barn and William-Sonoma outlet store.  HEAVEN!  We had to buy Parker got new blackout curtains for his room and a cute red    end table.  I also got an awesome strawberry pitter and slicer that are now two of my favorite gadgets!  I like to think of these as souvenirs from our weekend in Memphis/Tunica.  

I wonder what the next adventure with the Browns will be??

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Parker: 4 Months

Weight: 15 lbs
Height: 24.5"
Diaper Size: 2
Clothes: 6 months
Eats: 7-8 oz every 4 hours
Sleeps: Consistently 9 hours (9pm-6am)... until the swaddle was removed when he turned 4 months
Favorite Toys: Musical turtle, crinkly bug, holey ball, links

* Grabs toys when handed to him with both hands

* Is beginning to enjoy his rattles and small toys, but mostly just puts them in his mouth

* Loves to watch people, the t.v., and sometimes Shadow. His eyes follows people wherever they go.

* Continues to suck his thumbs and sometimes up to 9 fingers!

* Loves to be talked to and babbles back (loudly)

* Smiles often and has a tiny giggle occasionally

* Enjoys patty-cake, but wants to grab our hands to pull up into a sitting position--He thinks he is big stuff sitting up against the corner of the couch.

* Stands on both feet with support

* Starting to see his reflection in the mirror and will smile back

* Still really dislikes tummy time

* Rolled from his back to his stomach for the first time 1 day before his 4 month birthday while at Grandma Flamm's house.  (Of course, I didn't have the video camera so the video setting on our camera was as good as I got)

Highlights from the month (March 28-April 28):

* One day after Parker's 3 month birthday, our family packed up my car as much as we could and moved to Illinois.  There barely was enough room in the back seat for Parker and Shadow!  And actually Parker did much better on the drive than Shadow!

* While Matt went back to Little Rock to load the moving truck, Parker and I stayed with Aunt Sharolyn and Uncle J.R. in St. Louis for 3 nights.  Parker of course got lots of attention from Nathan, but always had Natalie (his Supernanny) at his side to help with anything--even poopy baths! We also got to watch Nathan play baseball--even in the rain!  And even though Parker doesn't enjoy shopping, he tagged along with me and my college roommate, Amanda, for a whole day of shopping.  Parker's looking forward to having a playmate next time.

*Parker celebrated his First Easter with the Ervin family on Saturday, then went to church in Niantic with the Flamm side.  Because I had to take Matt to St. Louis to catch another flight to Little Rock, Aunt Sherry babysat for the day then served us another Easter dinner.

* Parker and I stayed in the new house all by ourselves for the first week.  Grandma Flamm and David came up for 2 days to help unpack and watch Parker.

* Aunt Sherry, Parker, and I made a roadtrip to go see Grandpa Flamm for the first time and celebrate his 74th birthday.

* Aunt Susan came to visit and see our new house.  We had mint chocolate cake to celebrate her birthday.

* We spent a Sunday afternoon in Blue Mound, bringing items for the town rummage sale.  Parker got to meet Uncle Tim and Aunt Janet and 3 more cousins.  We also went to Grandma Flamm's house to deliver her birthday present.

* Parker and I went back to Blue Mound for 2 nights so I could help Grandma Ervin with the rummage sale.  Grandma Flamm kept Parker one day and we also went to see Granny B.

It's been a busy month as we are trying to visit as many people as we can, yet also get the house unpacked and feeling like home.  Parker has been a trooper adjusting to the change.  Even though it's a different house, it seemed like he instantly knew it was home.