Thursday, September 22, 2011

To Do: Make an EEEEEEasy wreath!

My last name starts with E, if you didn't already know that.  Of course, you probably aren't stopping by my house if you didn't (or I hope not anyway).  But just in case you missed the E on the mini flag in the front landscaping, or don't notice our monogram above our bed, or miss the cursive E on the crock holding my kitchen utensils, I thought I would give you one more opportunity.  This one is a little harder to overlook since it's right there in the middle of the front door!

I've had the same flower arrangement on my door for the past 2 years...except when being replaced by occasional holiday decor.  Unfortunately, the way the door sets back, it seemed to hit you in the face as you opened the door.  That's always a great way to greet visitors!  Plus, the wasps seemed to enjoy it as their new home.  Again, not a pleasant welcome.

I found this super E-asy (get it?) craft project on that handy, dandy website Pinterest.  To make yours, here's the directions.

She fails to mention that you'll likely lose the tips of your fingers from all the hot glue.  And I had to also cover the back due to having a glass door.  I went with a burlap ribbon too instead of satin.  But E-asy it is!
Here's the finished project.  (Except this new program won't let me put your head on your right shoulder and use a little imagination.)  Or better yet, stop by sometime!

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