Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To Do: Lots!

I know, I know. I'm already behind on this blogging business. I hear ya! And for those of you that had no faith that I could keep it up...well, this blog is for you!

Our wedding last weekend was gorgeous! I'm a little bias against outdoor weddings. Someday I'll post a picture. Downloading the pictures is on my to do list. Driving through the mountains sure made us miss South Carolina. That, and the magnolia trees...and of course, we laughed when we saw the confederate flags again! You don't see those in Little Rock!

Matt & I are not talking to each other this week in preparation for our 16 hours in the car this weekend....that worked well last weekend. We spent a lot of time joking about what I could blog about, such as:
  • What our RV will one day look like and where we will go
  • How Matt's nose flairs when he is trying to be funny or lie--And so does his dad's!
  • How Matt just makes up *hit and everyone always believes him, though half of the time he really has no clue and is just making up *hit!
  • Oh, and probably many other blog topics related to Matt (he doesn't read my blog anyway, so he would never know!)
  • And probably a dozen other topics that I don't remember because I didn't write it down...darn it! I bet they were good too!

Well, it's 2:00 here (lunch break is over) so it must be 5:00 somewhere. I better get back to my work to-do list!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

To Do: Pack bag for long car ride

Since I somehow inherited the Flamm procrastination genes, I am blogging instead of doing what I really need to be doing...packing. Matt & I are leaving from work tomorrow and are going to bond for 16 hours in a car as we travel back east to a small town in Tennessee for a wedding. Matt has been working insane hours this week (16 hours every day) so he probably hasn't even thought of one thing he will need. Guess that means I get to decide which of his 2 ties he will wear! I have a 50/50 chance of picking the one he actually wanted to wear.

But when packing my car bag (just like how most people our age are packing the latest Disney video, a coloring book, and a snack), I need lots to entertain myself just in case I don't sleep the whole way. Thank the good Lord I can read in the car!! Or maybe I should be more thankful that Matt seems to think he has some special bragging rights if he can say he drove all the way there. Whatever! I'm sure there is a special place in heaven with a plaque for that.

But since I can hardly wait to bond, I had to show you my car bag.

Get it? Matt E (for Ervin) is all mine baby! I ordered my makeup online and it came with free bag to promote their matte makeup. I just thought that was soooo funny. But when I got it, the back looked like this:

Now that is hillarious if I do say so myself!

To Do: Be a volunteer

I wonder how many times a day I use the word "volunteer"? I would reckon, a lot! While I wish I could say that my phone rang off the hook every day with people asking ME if they could volunteer...maybe next year!

I've had on my to-do list, oh for several years, that I needed to volunteer myself. The problem is---I keep getting DENIED! How's that for a boost of self-esteem!! When I was in South Carolina, I decided that I had valuable (more like useless) Girl Scout knowledge that I could put to good use. Clearly, I was over-qualified for the volunteer position. They never called me back!

But I'm not a quitter...unless it involves running, balls, sports equipment, etc. Today I decided I was signing up. I just knew that the receptionist would be giddy when she knew that she had someone on the other end who wanted to volunteer. She would probably run down the hall and tell everyone the news! Not so much. She seemed confused and had to put me on hold. I knew then she was getting the best staff member she could find to talk to me. "Ma'am (obviously a true-southerner), we aren't taking volunteers at this time." Excuse me? Did you just turn down a breathing & eager volunteer? You did not! Again, just write it across my forehead, DENIED!

You see, I'm helping our outreach department do a mini-troop this summer at the homeless shelter. It's a different sort of shelter. Families live there for an extended time, must work, and then are required to save 75% of what they make so they can eventually get out on their own. I may actually try to volunteer in the baby room on Friday afternoons, but honestly, I'm starting to question whether I'm volunteer material.

Anyway, I met a girl who is probably 8. She has that bowl haircut that we all had in the 80's. But, she's just the sweetest thing! I decided that if I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters, I could get her signed up to be my little sister. My head was spinning with ideas of things we could do together. I admit--She just may be my best excuse to sight-see all of those places that Matt refuses to go see (I can see her with her giant yellow diamond that we dug up!!). Sadly, BBBS told me they didn't need Bigs, they needed little. How pathetic is that? But since I had a little, I may get special permission. I'm not going to loose sleep over it tonight, but I think I'll make up an alias before I apply to be a volunteer any where else! Instead tonight I'll be thinking about how I can get BBBS to send over their scraps (those volunteers they don't want) my way!!

The Boys and Girls Club called me back. They still don't want me. They don't have the staff to add additional matches. Really, is it that much harder? They told me to call them back in the fall. Geez--You think they would keep my name and number and call ME!! So disappointing!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why? You ask

Talk about not having a clue what I am doing here in the blog world! It's not that my life is at all interesting. But I decided that since I was clearly addicted to others' blogs, it was only fair that I added this to my to-do list. I always have a lot of ideas in my head, and maybe this silly little blog will inspire me to make a list and check it off. But blogging? If you didn't know this, I have a love for Google. One of my unique skills is that I can find anything (ok, almost anything, but I like the challenge) on Google. And now Google changes my life again...with blogging. So, here I go. I'm checking this off my list!