Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh Jude!

Where do I begin? I have so many adorable stories about Jude Brown. When we first met Jude (he lived across the street from us in South Carolina) he was just mastering running. And talking was limited to just a few words. But, of course, he grew up way too fast.

It's been almost 6 months since we said our tearful goodbyes as both families moved west. Jude loves to talk on the phone like a teenage girl, but he has yet to figure out that when he calls Spiderman, he sounds a little like Matt. Hmm! Strange!

Jude is now in love....with Justin Bieber! How many times did we hear "baby, baby, baby, oh" sung last weekend?? Just every few minutes. Jude really wants to be Justin for Halloween, though tough-man Dad says No Way! But come on now, he has the song down, can play an air guitar, and even knows the opening line on stage "Whose my baby?" in some silly low voice.

Another funny story: We had our traditional meal together: smoked pulled pork. Yum! But the Alabama folks say they are "fixin" boston butt. We asked Jude if we were eating a cow's butt or a pig's butt. He replied "A cow's butt, but they cut the tail off." Whew!

Jude's Christmas list: I-pod, "Jep Ski", and BeeBee gun. He's 3 let me remind you.

But my favorite Jude story: He recently has become obsessed with boys vs. girls. You know where this is going. So one night in the bathtub with his sister he notices his special boy parts. Sophie being all educationally correct told him that they were called his testicles. (Chloe, his sister, was confused...she said the boys at school call them their balls.) Well, it's a long story, but a few days later Sophie told him to quit playing with himself. And somewhere in that conversation he thought his testicles were called tater tots. Tater tots will just never be the same!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

To Do: Call the Hogs

No, I really haven't lost my mind. It's just an Arkansas thing. We can't explain it.

One thing I have learned about living in the South is that sports is a serious matter. I thought Illini fans were hard core. I was so wrong! In SC, it was like the cards vs. cubs only it was Clemson vs. USC. But in Arkansas, there is only 1 thing to cheer for and that is the Razorbacks.
Everyone but the Ervins (and the Blome's) are in Little Rock tonight as the "hogs" play one of two games here for the season. I bet if we listen hard, we can hear the stadium do the craziest chant ever....wooooo....piiiiiiiiggggggg.....sooooooooiiiiiiiiieeeeeee! Or something like that. Do a search on YouTube and you'll see what I mean.

Here's a glimpse of life in razorback nation:
(Hog wild for this boat)

(Why wouldn't you store you crap here?)
(And this isn't the only red truck around purposely bought to match the hog decor!)
(Despite the silly name, it's our favorite pizza place)
(First I thought this was a daycare...what a great name for a day care)
(This gets my vote for best play on words)

But this my friends makes me laugh so darn hard. My co-worker Kendall (who is also to blame for getting me hooked on blogging) captured this cloud and swears it looks like a razorback. This, I tell you, just shows how hog crazy they are here (even though I would never, ever admit to her in person that it sort of does look like it....don't tell her I said that!)

To Do: Go Grocery Shopping

So it's been awhile since I sat down to blog. And you are thinking--you have nothing better to write about then tell us your daily tasks like grocery shopping? Hey, at least I'm not talking about using the toilet!

I just had to tell you about our new Kroger Marketplace grocery store. I finally made a trip to it today, because needless to say, when I work every night--I don't cook very often.

So what's special about this store? It's competetion for Wal-Mart (and in Arkansas that's probably like swearing on the church steps!). But I hate Wal-Mart anymore so I was anxious to see what this store had. Not only were the isles huge and clean, but you could buy anything from a leather couch to a kitchenaid mixer to curtains (cute ones too) to a baby stroller to toys to art to chef prepared meals. Here's a glimpse from a picture I found online.

Just had to share my new favorite grocery store. Another reason to be jealous of our life here in Little Rock. Ha! It reminds me of how my sister, Sherry, was so excited when Wal-Mart opened up in her town. In fact, it was one of my niece, Katie's, first words. We had yet to get Wally world in our parts of the woods so we were so jealous. Hard to imagine life without it now. Maybe one day everyone will have a Kroger Marketplace too. And we'll hear "What a Wonderful World" playing in the background.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Gotcha weekend!

Ever heard of "Gotcha Day"? It's what families celebrate after adopting. Recently, I have had several friends who get to celebrate a real gotcha day with the addition of some new babies to their families. So exciting for them after a long wait!

But Labor Day is our Gotcha Day for our precious baby Shadow.

I never was a cat person, but Matt who grew up with a cat, insisted that we get a cat after our 1st anniversary. So 6 years ago we went to Debbie Mathias farm where there were probably 20 kittens to chose from. They all were so cute. I especially remember the 2nd choice, who was all black except for a white tip on her tail, and was appropriately named Tippy. But Shadow was very social and had the loudest purr ever (which note at the time we thought was just adorable. Not always so adorable in the middle of the night!). She knew instantly how to get what she wanted!
We had our niece Kara with us that weekend. She was soooo excited! We decided we would let her name the cat. Yes, it took her ALL day to come up with the name Shadow. (Shadow was name Smokey by Debbie, but Smokey is a popular cat name on both sides of the family already)Kara was 8 then. If you know her now, you could only imagine what name Shadow would have if we let Kara pick the name today!! Here is Kara with our little bitty girl. Aren't they cute? And yes, Shadow really does like to be held like a baby. We can spoil her---She gets everything in our will too!

I could go on and on about my Shadow. She really is my shadow. Clearly I'm her favorite parent. But come dinner time, she only begs Matt. The vet recommended "behavior modification" a few years ago after some rebelling with the litter box, but now we have figured out that she is just high maintenance and needs it changed daily...along with fresh water in not just 1 but 2 bowls! And don't forget the 2 snacks before leaving for work. Oh, and brush her often to eliminate hairballs. And you'll know when she is bored when she starts chasing her tail. But bring over the kids....and she is brainwashed to know that kids are bad news in the Ervin house! She sleeps at my feet every night and loves to nap! I'm so jealous of her life!! But the next time you visit, don't say "Shadow is so fat." I don't call your kids fat! Just kidding. We know she has put on the pounds, but haven't we all and we wouldn't trade her for anything!