Friday, October 7, 2011

To Do: Babymoon Day 2 (Arlington)

Day 2 took us back to Arlington for the festivities at the Cowboy Stadium.  It's hard to get a picture to capture the size of this enormous stadium.  And right next door was the Texas Rangers stadium, who were having a ballgame that day too. 

We couldn't get tickets to the guided tour, but were the first group in on the self-guided tour (anyone surprised?  Rise and Shine!).  Neither one of us is really an NFL fan--which was obvious since we stuck out not wearing Cowboy apparel--but taking in the stadium was quite impressive! 

 Maybe one day Matt will make millions and we can have these fancy, vip seats!

 After walking on the field, we got to go inside the cheerleaders' locker room.  It's not a great picture because some groddy 40 something year old guy was hogging up the locker, trying to get a close up of the underwear on his camera.  And guess who he was touring with--his mom!  But the Flamm girls will notice that the lights around the mirror brings back memories of those lights around our bathroom mirror growing up! 
 The men's locker room was simple, yet nice of course.  When I saw #24's last name from a distance, I thought we had a Flamm on hand that got a little fancy. 

 Checking out the press room

This is Jerry Jones (Cowboy's owner) private elevator.  Where does it take him...
 To that glass enclosed box, surrounded by a half a floor of suites.

Speaking of Jerry Jones--He is a Little Rock native.  Duh!  Doesn't everyone know that.  Well, not us.  In each room, there is a staff member to greet you, answer questions, etc.  The guy in the press room asked where we were from and we said Little Rock.  He replied "oh, you are Jerry's neighbor."  We thought we heard him wrong so we asked him to repeat it.  Jerry.  But...Matt & I both thought he said "Jeremy"---to whom you should know that Matt & I already think that our neighbor, Jeremy, knows everyone!  We couldn't believe we were in Texas and they knew Jeremy!  Well, not exactly.  But maybe one day.

It was finally time for the moment we Matt had been waiting for...time to meet some cheerleaders!  Can I just say that they looked so young!  Notice, because of freaks who want close up pictures of their underwear, Matt was only allowed to stand this close. 

 I figured since there was no line with these other cheerleaders, I would give them a boost of confidence...look at the sexy, white girl cheerleader here! 

As you can tell, we spent several hours at the rally day.  We took tons of pictures (I only spared you the highlights) and I bet we both look at the stadium differently now when we see it on tv.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to get tickets (well, cheap seat tickets) for the awesome Arkansas vs. A&M game the following weekend at the Cowboy Stadium, but now we understand why that was such a cool experience for those players. 

(spirit fingers!)

We got back in the rv and headed toward our next destination...Austin.  It was a several hours drive with not a whole lot to see but dry, barren fields and pastures.  But thanks to a tip from my former boss, Anna Beth (who loves, loves, loves Texas) she directed us to stop in a tiny town called West to purchase their famous kaloches. 

Can we say yum?  I got the strawberry cream cheese and Matt got cherry cream cheese.  Warmed up just a dab.  Oh, makes me want one right now!

Goodness, day 2 was long.  Let's continue it on the next blog.  Austin here we come.

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