Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Photo 9.28.12

Hold on Blake, I'll show you how

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Photo 9.21.12

Are you looking at my big eyes or my big teeth?

Friday, September 14, 2012

To Do: Update Baby Book (kind of)

There is a lot of FIRSTS in Parker's life to remember.

For some reason, the baby book doesn't list:
First Sickness ______________

Maybe someday soon we will forget it ever happened.  (Doubtful)

Poor little Parker woke up us wailing in the night late Saturday/early Sunday.  Now it's not unusual for him to wake us me up with cries occasionally (a little more than I would like).  But this cry even woke Matt up!  I threw on my glasses and quietly snuck in his room (just in case it was only a bad dream and he might go back to sleep with ease), and located his pacifier.  Now he can get that pacifier to his mouth on his own any ole time he wants to, but for some reason, he just can't do that in the dark.  So I put it in his mouth, but he just spit it right back out.  Now, I thought it was going to be one of battles we occasionally have--where he thinks that after like 3 hours of sleep that he can party for an hour or so.  Well, needless to say, I soon realized that the spot I saw on the sheet wasn't a shadow, but um...puke.  Yep, we call it puke.  Not vomit.  Not barf.  Not spit up. Puke!

Well, I'll spare you all the details.  Saturday was a very rough night.  We were definitely panicked with this first time puking experience.

But Sunday he seemed just fine.

Matt was supposed to leave for a flight at 6am Monday for Texas, but luckily it was cancelled and he had a few more hours at home.  So he got to help out on round #2 of clean-ups when Parker graced us with yet more puking.  Oh yeah, I was going to spare you the details.

Well, Monday rolled into Tuesday, and Tuesday into Wednesday.  Um, more gross stuff was added and worst of all, fever.

Poor little guy was a whiny mess.

But, we spent lots and lots and lots of time just snuggling.  Besides feeling so terrible for him, I have to admit that at times I kind of liked the fact that he wasn't moving.  If you know Parker, you understand.  And yeah, sorry if I clogged your Pinterest boards this week.  It was easy to do that on my phone while we snuggled.  And thank goodness the new season of tv started!

Well, Tuesday night into Wednesday, the enevitable hit.  I got that gunk.  Besides the one time when I puked when I was pregnant, I haven't been sick in many, many years.  Whew, it was rough.  And being sick, when he was getting better (and more mobile) was rough!  But, thanks to the power of antiobotics, we both were cured in about 24 hours!

I knew Parker was better on Thursday when he woke up with smiles (and his body wasn't like holding a bag of hot coals) and he headed to his favorite spot--standing at the crock!

And while Parker is supposed to get his flu shot in a few weeks, I think now I'll get one for the first time.  Lesson learned.

Unfortunately we probably got this gunk when Parker went to the MOPS daycare for 2 hours on Friday.  But, I guess I have to look at it that at least he is being exposed to germs now, versus kindergarten.

But I kinda hope this is the last gunk till kindergarten.  Come on---I can hope!!

P.S.--The house has been bleached and Lysoled down per Matt's arrival home tonight.  Good golly, no more!!

Friday Photo 9.14.12

Parker & I's week -- in a nutshell
(We are both fine now!)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday Photo 9.7.12

So happy to have Molly join our family
(my cousin, Jeff's, new bride)