Thursday, September 1, 2011

To Do: Make a Nursery

Earlier this spring, I was telling you that I really needed to clean out the closet in the office.  First of all, it's "supposedly" the safest, most interior room in our house--considering tornado warnings happen about as much as heat advisories here!  Secondly, the office must now become the nursery.  (After much debate, we kept the guest room--ha!).  I can't believe I am showing you the BEFORE picture again:

But fortunately, I do have an AFTER picture this time!  I literally pulled everything out (sold a good portion of it at our yard sale), wiped it out, and moved a few things to the guest bedroom closet.  And now, that closet is starting to fill us with cute little boy clothes, diapers, books & toys, and fun goodies like that. 

Ok, but really, you haven't waited weeks for me to write just to see an empty closet! 

What many of you want to know is...what is the theme for the nursery?  And as much as this girl loves themes, there really isn't a definite theme!  If anything, I guess the theme would be considered "vintage".  Here is a sneak peak at our plan:

* As you can see from the photos above, the walls are a mustardy yellow color.  We just painted that room last fall and decided to just stick with it.  Once we get the furniture, we may change our minds, but for now, we will consider that part done.

* Our furniture has been ordered (and I'm hoping that it arrives this week so we can put the assembly on our to-do list this weekend).  Unfortunately, the room is small, so we could only get the crib and dresser on the right.  But oh, I love that tall dresser too!  The color is called cinnamon, so sort of close to an oak color.  We learned from our own bedroom furniture that the dark pieces are striking, but are truly dust magnets. It's hard to see in the picture, but both pieces have dental like molding on the top. 
* We debated for weeks about whether to go nautical (with a painting by Matt) or to go vintage.  But we finally decided that the vintage theme was just "us" and it fits the rest of our house well.  So the main feature wall will be above the dresser.  Here is our inspiration:

Searching for a variety of letters is an adventure, and one that we have already found to be challenging, yet fun! I won't show you what we've find until our final reveal.  So far we have 9 of the 26 letters.  Luckily, I have a handy husband that can cut out about any letter we don't find. 

* Our crib bedding is pretty neutral.  Yes, I know I could have put it on our registry, but I went ahead and ordered it online because I wanted to see if this is what we really wanted to use.  I couldn't find it in the stores and sometimes the Internet images aren't too accurate.  But luckily, it was as cute as this picture!   
* Finally, we plan on adding a variety of vintage decorative touches including old toys. 

Hopefully before Christmas we will be unveiling the final result!

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