Friday, September 9, 2011

To Do: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Here it was, almost the end of summer, yet Matt & I still hadn't made it out to a single baseball game this year.  Leave it to us to wait till their last weekend at home. 

We packed up the leftovers from our yard sale, then headed to the ballpark in downtown North Little Rock with our great neighbors/friends for a minor league game.  Jeremy was able to score us some great seats too! 

 Yes, when I say great seats, I mean "behind the net".  You may recall me telling you about my sister Sherry's near-death experience last summer when a line drive came so fast we couldn't even speak up, and hit the seat right next to her.  I also nearly got hit last year while leaving the concession stand, with food and drinks in both hands (not that I could have caught it anyway).  So when our view consisted of the life shield, I was relieved. 

That was until...the boys went to grab some food and Lindsay and I were just chatting away (but thankfully watching).  Of course, here comes a darn ball right towards us.  Lindsay grabbed the baby and took tornado-like covering.  I think I just gacked and screamed.  It's hard to tell, but see the man in the white shirt 2 rows behind us--yep, he got hit. 

 Even though it was a little hot, we still had a good time.  Jonathan got to see his first baseball game.  He's such a good & happy baby--and obviously just a doll! 

 Look at his face when the cheerleaders came out!  (And notice all of the other guys' reactions in the background too)

 Katelin was a good sport too...and like me...loved all the good food the best!

And I'll leave you with a sign that we truly were in Arkansas for this game.  Notice anything unusual on the menu?  Needless to say, I just stuck with a cheeseburger. 

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