Friday, September 9, 2011

To Do: Paint a Razorback

This project was on Matt's to-do list, but I can finally tell you about it. 

It all started this summer when Matt & our neighbor, Jeremy, were helping each other build decks for our houses. Somehow, that led to Matt paiting a ginormous Razorback on the wall in Jeremy's garage.  (He's a big hog fan if you couldn't guess).  Matt used a grid over a picture print out to help him eyeball the design.  Pretty impressive, isn't it? 

He recently convinced the next house over, Simon's, to have Matt paint the Razorback on his garage floor.  (Note: his garage is immaculantly clean). Jeremy is determined that Matt is also going to paint "Go Hogs" on the back roof, so all the planes that fly over have a view.  Boys!

Anyway...Matt showed off pictures of his Razorback mural to some buddies at work, and then came the next task.  CAT was asking staff to give donations to be auctioned off, with profits going to United Way.  Matt has a good heart, and has also  lived with a former non-profit worker long enough to know to give to UW.  So, his donation was that he would paint a Razorback for someone else.

Here's the funny part: The winning bidder--The VP from Peoria, IL!  You may want to know Matt is already called "Goldenboy" at work by some peers.  But this would surely put him over the top!  We wondered if Matt was going to be flown to IL to draw the chief or a big letter I.  But nope, the VP had another idea.

His plan was that he wanted Matt to draw some sports symbols on the Little Rock Plant Manager's wall--yes, the top dog here.  But here's the kicker: Not only was he going to draw them when the Plant Manager was out of town for the weekend, but the icing on the cake was what he was drawing.  The PM is a huge Bears and Cubs fan.  Here's the final product:

Yikes!  The PM was actually on his way to Peoria to meet with the VP.  Somehow they managed to show the PM at the meeting what had been done while he was away.  The PM was convinced it was all done in PowerPoint.  Sorry!  And the VP is making him sit in front of the wall in a few weeks via a video phone conference so he can make sure that the PM has left it up for awhile.  As of today, Matt still has a job  :)

In fact, last weekend, he started another painting project.  "Goldenboy" is livening up the sterile, plain walls with the CAT logo right outside the cafeteria doors.  This time, his handy assistant got to help! 

It still needs a few touchups, but it's looking good!  

Gee, I wonder what will be next?

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  1. This is awesome! I sent it to Mike, maybe he'll show his roommates, I'm willing to bed they'd all get a kick out of it!