Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To Do: Embarrass myself just for this blog!

OK blog fans--I want you to know I did this all for YOU!  (and Matt)

While we were at the Razorback game, I was told that there was a certain Arkansas celebrity in our section.  I looked down, and there he was.  Guesses?  Here's a distance shot.

It's Kris Allen!

So, after much convincing (much!), I told Matt we would see after half-time about getting a photo.  Of course, by the time we got back to the stands, it was nearly time for the 2nd half to start.  Matt will tell you there was like 3 minutes left.  I will tell you that the crowd was seated, fired up and all eyes were on the field. So Matt yells "Hey, Kris.  Can we get a picture?"  Poor guy, just trying to enjoy the game.  I literally was squatting on a bench a few rows back because I was so humiliated.  It's not like we were the only ones asking for a picture, but I felt like it was something either drunks or 10 year olds did.  But Kris just nodded like it was no big deal and came to shake my hand.  Did I tell you I was embarrassed?  I think I told him that and then said "you know my friend, Chassity Jordan!"  I mean, I thought we would bond over having a mutual friend.  He just nodded.  Nothing.  (Chassity, have you been lying to me all this time???)  So blog fans...a drum roll please....

One shot.  That's all I got.  Matt was literally shaking like he had Parkinson's or something.  I can't believe the photo isn't blurry.  He will tell you it was from beer and then holding the camera (our small camera at that) up.  I will tell you that he was just as nervous. 

And of course, one of Kris' friends jumps in the photo.  I had no clue.  It wasn't like I could ask to look at the photo and tell him that it looks like I have a double chin, could we try again!  They told us to buy his new album.  Matt said something corny like "Hey man, I watched you on American Idol"  (No, I'm not making that up!).  Oh, it was memory.  All for you!

Note: We noticed as we were leaving after the game that many fans chose to ask for a picture after the game.  How lame!

* Matt would like for me to add that he had the camera in his right hand and nachos and a drink in the other, thus the shaking.  Oops, I forgot that detail.  I wasn't thinking about him!

* My friend Chassity has since sent Kris a text giving him crap about scoffing at her name.  Maybe Kris will now be a blog follower...ha!  I bet he is talking about me on Twitter right now.

* Chassity also noted that the guy in the background of the photo is Kris' brother.  That's what the dude told me, but I sure didn't believe him.

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