Monday, February 14, 2011

We went to...


After a record # of comments posted today (um 2, but still a record none the less!), I hated to ruin your Valentine's Day by leaving you hanging. Congratulations to Follower #11, Katie, on the first winning entry. Your prize is in the mail...even though I don't have your college address.

I actually had figured out by Friday that it wasn't Texas, but the blog had been written. We left too late on Friday for us to make the 5 hour trek to Dallas. If you know us, you know we often don't make it up past 9:00 p.m. too often. So Dallas will likely have to wait for a 3 day weekend.

Anyway, I had never been to Memphis and we had a good time. We spent most of Saturday on Beale Street, eating bbq, taking the trolley tour, going to see the Peabody Ducks and having drinks like the rich & famous, (yes, the rich & famous drink hot chocolate with Bailey's) and then heading to the dueling pianos (we took a nap so we could party past 9pm). Elvis crap runs in the Ervin blood so we took the camera by Graceland, then went and toured Sun Studios, which actually was quite entertaining. Here's us with Elvis' microphone:
Thank You! Thank you very much!
Sunday we drove 20 miles to Tunica in hopes of a good breakfast at Paula Deen's. But Paula must go to bed before 9pm because the lunch menu took over at 10:30am--We got there at 10:15. We played penny slots for about an hour, coming home losers. But first we made an important stop--Gap Outlet--If you know Matt and his love for Gap shirts, you'll understand. Plus, we bought a few items for our real vacation which is only 4 weeks 2 days away.

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