Friday, February 11, 2011

To Do: Pack my bags!

I love suprises! Really, I do!

Matt sent me a text saying to pack my bags for a weekend trip. (Trust me, him being home 1 day yesterday was enough to give him cabin fever!).
I'm good at guessing suprises. I really am!

But you see, Matt hates it when I guess right. So this time I have no clues. I did ask if I needed to pack shorts, and he said no. Hey, I can dream big!!

So I am going to tell all of you my guess. Here's some hints:

I think we are about to find out if everything really is bigger in Texas! I'll be sure to pack my Big Sexy Hair hairspray in case we run into any cute Cowboys or famous celebrities. I'll let you know in a few days if I was right. Dallas, Texas here we come! (Maybe)

Boy, I hope he wasn't just planning on just going to...

Hope, Arkansas

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  1. Very impressive, Matt! Can't wait to hear of this expedition! I was just talking about you guys last night and your 'Wings of Love' experience.