Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Do: Go Global

Really, I do find it amazing that people read this blog sometimes. And there are some nights that I spend a great deal of time writing and I wonder " anyone even going to read this??" But now I am proud to say that since going global and announcing my blog website on Facebook, I now have 16 followers! I had already written a post about Follower #12, but just didn't get it posted online so she gets a special shout out. I think my sister, Sherry, is really trying to get her own special posting, as I see that she is now a follower 2 times!

This also reminds me that I did notice on the Facebook comments from my family (who note, is featured often in my blog writeups), they often used the phrase "your blog is ACTUALLY pretty good " or "ACTUALLY entertaining."

1. In reality
2. Used to express wonder, surprise, or incredulity

Well, I'm glad I ACTUALLY surprised you then :) Oh geez, I hope I can keep up with these high expectations!

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