Sunday, February 20, 2011

To Do: Feed the Hungry

Some people pick up cans from the side of the road.
Some people pick up pennies from the sidewalk.
Some people pick up chicken fingers left over by a stranger.

Last night, we did a good deed--unintentionally. Call it a random act of kindness! Unable to eat the last two chicken fingers from my basket at Verizon Arena (Little Rock's indoor stadium), I pushed the basket of food under my seat (thinking I may eat them later...but clearly didn't). As the stadium was clearing out, we left our aisle seats so the rest of the row could hurry out. We moved up about 3 rows to wait for our friends that were coming over to meet us in our section. It happened in a flash, but while the man in the red shirt thought he was being sneaky, I caught it all. As he exited up the steps, without a second of hesitation, he reached down, grabbed those two chicken fingers, and shoved it in his mouth. He didn't look around to see who was watching (I'm sure he didn't expect the original eater to be watching) but just ate and kept walking. Now I should point out that while I'm glad the food was not wasted, I don't think the man in red really needed to eat two more chicken fingers if you catch my drift.

But needless to say, I think we scored some heaven points with our food donation.

1 comment:

  1. That's disgusting! Did you keep watching him to see what else he ate and drank for free?