Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shout Out...

Everyone--Stop what you are doing. Stand up and give a round of applause to blog follower #10...Tonia Herrmann. I don't care that you look like a fool--just do it! Tonia, this is for you...

(clapping, bowing, whisteling, etc.)

Tonia DESERVES this! I can't believe I even overlooked the fact that this outstanding blog stalker turned fan was the one who put my fan total into double-digits (yes, she made sure to point this out to me).

I met Tonia (and her cute, fun daughter Rylee) through this amazing organization, Girl Scouts. Maybe you have heard of it. I had just started at the Decatur office and was told that the leaders in Clinton were going to hate me--the previous staff member was like God to them. Great, that's always a fun way to start out. But luckily, Tonia was in charge of the Clinton gang and through bribes, she convinced them I was okay. We quickly bonded over Monical's pizza, crafts, decorating, oh and GS drama and even though I have no love for music like Tonia, she accepted me anyway. Hopefully she told the next staff member that I too was irreplacable!
I have to admit though, I'm a little jealous of Tonia. She wanted to be like me so much that she went out and started her own blog at the end of January. Wanna know why I'm jealous? I became follower #8. In no time, she will have more fans than I.
I'm also a little jealous because Tonia is trying to fulfill a dream that I've also had. They are trying to adopt from China. Aw! So check out her blog.
And be on the watchout for crafts she is selling to help fund that worthwhile (and oh my, costly) cause. Here's hoping it's a girl...because Girl Scouts needs you for a few more years!

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