Friday, February 11, 2011

To Do: Make a Recipe Book

I've had a request: One of my followers to this blog has requested that I post something every day. (The other 9 probably don't agree). It's not likely that I can fulfill the expectation of every day. I mean, I have to have a life. Ok, pretend to have a life. It also would help if I didn't have a job to interfere with my blogging! But, since I was blessed with yet another snow day (thank you God!), Cathy, I will grant you your wish.

I actually had intentions of blogging about this a few weeks ago, but since I lost my photos when dealing with camera issues, I forgot. (It doesn't take much for me to forget!). I just had to show off a project that I finally got done...

My recipe book!

Because of my addiction to blogs and the 8 or 9 newsletters that clutter my email, oh and the 5 magazine subscriptions, oh, and my friends that cook....I had ended up with an entire basket stacked to the brim with recipes. Most of these are just ones I had printed. Some I've yet to even try, but oh they sure sounded good at one time.

My sister, Sharolyn, had told me about her recipe book then I came across some in the blogging world. Let's just say that it's one of things I wish I had done a long time ago! It only took me a few hours and the result is so much more organized. I really like to have everything in it's place, and that now includes my recipes. Just slide them into the plastic protector and file away.
Love it! I'm telling you, it should be on your weekend to-do list. You can mail your thank you card to: 3006 Mustang Cv......Ok, just leave me a comment instead.

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