Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Do: Buy a new camera

Happy Birthday! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Anniversary!

Our new gift to ourselves probably falls into all of those categories! That's ok--It's so worth it!

After noticing that our Christmas pictures taken in my mom's basement and recent bowling pictures trying to capture people in action turned out looking like crap, we decided it was time to upgrade our point and shoot into a real camera. Really, we have no idea what we are doing (luckily it has an auto funciton for dummies like us), but we sure look like pros. The camera guy helping us told it us was not the camera that made great photos, but the photographer. Oh geez, let's hope not! Of course he was trying to explain to us how to manually control the ISOs, shutter speed, lens image stabilization, aperture, light reflection, the numerous additional lenses you can purchase, etc. Let's just say, don't get your hopes up for amazing photos to come on this blog. I still haven't even figured out yet how to turn the flash off. But here is a glimpse at my first photo session...

Poor Shadow, she hates the camera. But I'm sure she will be the subject of many future photo sessions as well. Isn't she so cute?

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  1. I'm a little jealous! What model is it so I can copy you soon?