Thursday, July 1, 2010

To Do: Find Friends

The headline in an article in Redbook said "MAKING NEW FRIENDS JUST GOT EASIER." That got my attention! As one of my favorite Girl Scout songs says:

Nobody likes me
Everybody hates me
Think I'll go eat worms...

Another thing I can add to my To Do list is start a bunco group. It's a serious dream of mine. Sure, I would love to just join an existing one, but that's where the control freak in me comes out. I want to have only cool people in it! (And people who won't make fun of me...ha!) I went to one here in Little Rock when I first moved. It was odd. First of all, let's not meet at Panera...that's embarrassing. And when they talked about getting matching t-shirts, I knew I was done. But, I did meet their approval and got invited back! Just so you know.

Every time I move, I start my list of who could be in my bunco group. You are supposed to have 12. I aim for like half (that's hard enough). If you are reading this, at one time you likely made my list. And if you live within 5 miles of my house (Kelly, Kendall, Lindsay...), you are on "the list" whether you know it or not. My sister even bought me the game set a few years ago for Christmas....I'm just waiting on finding 11 friends!

But--thanks to my $12 Redbook subscription--I have an answer!
The article says it is like (which someone in my family loves....we won't name names!) but instead of finding your date for the next trip you take (ha!) , you find "gal pals". Best part: If you don't find friends, you'll get your $30 membership back! $30 to go towards therapy!!!


  1. Im your friend Sara.. Just 6 short hours away! We may not have enough for a bunco group but in a week we'll have enough for Scrabble!

  2. I thought we would play yahtzee! No matter what we do, it will be so fun--Can't wait!