Thursday, July 1, 2010

To Do: Pack Duck Whistles

Yep, it's time to unpack last week's suitcase and fill it up for this weekend's family bonding trip to Illinois. Don't worry--I've got my car bag packed! But don't tell...I have 2 something specials hidden in my beach bag for just the perfect time.

You see, if you come visit us, we'll likely skip Little Rock and take you to Hot Springs instead. They really do have hot springs, very hot!

But one of the famous tourist attractions in Hot Springs is the Ride the Duck. So far I haven't convinced any visitors it's worth the $18 fee. But...for $4, you can buy the best gift ever in their gift shop.

Drumroll please.....introducing....the duck whistle!

Because Aunt Sara & Uncle Matt rock....we decided to mail one to our nephew Nathan.

He LOVED it! His parent's didn't. Funsuckers! Doesn't Nathan just look like he needs a duck whistle?

But we didn't want his sister, Natalie (who is here at the horse races in Hot Springs, where she learned that gambling was a blast), to feel left out, so a few weeks ago she got one in the mail too. (With Matt writing "Don't let mom open" on the package...which then Sara had to explain to the USPS).

Everyone (except the funsuckers above) loves them. When Katie and Kara visited, they got them too! Duck whistle + baseball game = lots of strange looks....but they didn't care!

I wouldn't be surprised if they end up in our family picture on Sunday. But just in case you can't find us, listen for the loudest, craziest sound on the lake. Because I discovered that the awesome Dollar General sells them for just $1. Nathan and's time to quack like a duck!!

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