Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To Do: Say Thank You to Leendert Prins & Marge Stahl

Who is Leendert Prins? The inventor of the projection clock!
Who is Marge Stahl? My grandma!

Now that we have that cleared up, you may wonder how they go hand in hand. My grandma, rest her soul, has no idea what impact she had on my life Christmas 2006 I believe it was. Because grandma couldn't get around the greatest, she was known to get her matching Christmas gifts each year from Walgreens. I was always jealous the year that all my sisters got the Ove Glove, but I didn't. But the next year I was finally old enough to get the grown-up gift....though probably not old enough to eat at the grown up table. I don't recall if I was super excited about getting the automic, projection clock. But, if I wasn't then, I don't know how I would live without it now.

Ever day I wake up and just have to glance up to the ceiling to see what time it is. Matt has given me a complex about this, but for some crazy reason (probably relates back to me being a worry-wart), I like to always look at the time when I wake up in the night. Even though Matt leaves at exactly the same time every morning (+/- 20.89 seconds), I still look at the time. The original clock also blinked the time, then the temperature outside, which I especially loved.

Anyway, the Ervins LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our projection clock. But here's the problem: The sensor that automically reads the time is still in the window sill in South Carolina! Therefore, even though we thank goodness are back to life in the Central Time Zone, we now have to wake up and subtract an hour. Sometimes that is more difficult than it sounds.

But my in-laws gave us some $ for our anniversary, so used it to buy something for our bedroom.....oh la la....a new projection clock. E-x-c-i-t-i-n-g!! The best part about the new clock: what projects on the wall is like 2 feet tall. Clearly made for those of us who could barely make out the old 6" numbers without our contacts in!! Genious!!

So thanks grandma and Leendert for changing our lives!

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