Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To Do: Update our life insurance

Do you think that would look suspicious? One day before Matt has surgery.

If you haven't heard, tomorrow is a big day for Matt. He's having surgery on his appendix. Wait--You've heard that before? How about 4 times before. It's funny because people keep asking, "Is it going to work this time?". Geez, we've thought that the last 4 times! We can only hope. 5 surgeries, 3 doctors, 2 states, in 2 years....surely one day it will be enough! That, or maybe one day we can be famous for winning a big multi-million dollar lawsuit!! You think we would at least have received a thank you card by now from Johnson & Johnson for the large quantity of gauze and tape that the Ervins have purchased.

Who knew the appendix could be such an ordeal? I mean, it's simply useless! You are supposed to be able to just remove it and get on with life. Supposed to!

And I'm no doctor (nor can I even pretend to be a nurse)...but the internet tells you how to remove it:

To remove a diseased appendix, an incision is made in the patient's lower abdomen (A). Layers of muscle and tissue are cut, and large intestine, or colon, is visualized (B). The appendix is located (C), tied, and removed (D). The muscle and tissue layers are stitched (E).

** Pictures were removed to protect those who like me can't even see visual graphics of the inside of our body. gross

Matt has not** been submerged in water for the past 2 years. Let's just hope he is cured tomorrow--We have boating to do this weekend!

** indicates that he mostly has not been in water. Falling into Lake Decatur this past weekend would be the exception. Nurses onboard at the time praise a high dose on antibiotics to come this week.


  1. Hi Sara - it's Erin. I had no idea Matt was still having problems from his appendix. Hope everything went well and this is his last surgery.
    On another note, you are quite the blogger. I read quite a few and you are a natural!

  2. Wow, you are quite the blog fan! You are the first to actually figure out how to comment. Several have asked me, and I have no idea. Any suggestions?
    Matt's surgery was fine. He seems more sore today than in the past. Only time will tell.
    So when are you going to start your blog???

  3. I just click on comments, write in the "Post a Comment" section, and then select Comment as Anonymous in the drop down box. It will then ask you to verify and write in a code they show on the screen. I'm sure there is a way to use your email address, but I haven't taken the time to figure that out yet!

  4. I am sorry you have not receieved a "thank you" card from the hospitals or doctors yet. We got one last week from Baptist Medical Center for Jackson's patronage!