Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To Do: Turn 34!

Happy Birthday to me! Boy, what a good birthday. I really think that everyone should automatically get their birthday off at work. Being a bum most of the day makes it that much better. And I also think that everyone should have a Facebook account just to get the birthday messages if nothing else. It was like getting 100 birthday cards from people all over the U.S. That definitely gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

As my niece would say, you really need to celebrate your birthday for the week, not just the day. Sounds like a plan to me. My festivities actually did start this weekend. We went to Birmingham for the Memorial Day weekend to visit our old neighbors from South Carolina, the Browns. Apparently, awhile back I had mentioned to Sophie that I remember as a kid that I used to bring popcorn cake to school. Knowing me now, I probably liked it because it was unique. Of course, Sophie had never heard of it, but somehow remembered this story. So after doing research with my mom and the Internet, she surprised me with a popcorn cake!!

Isn't that sweet? And yes, it tasted just as good as I remember! Her kids were a little scared to try it, but after just one bite, they too thought it was quite tasty.

Today was a good day. I started the morning off by heading to the pool. It was my first time there actually, but since it was only like 95 today, I figured I better get there before it's 105. There was a few other families there, but still pretty quiet. I started a new Jody Picoult book and worked on my tan (as we all know, it takes me great time and precision to get that!).

Tonight we of course went out to eat. Matt pulled off 2 surprises today--flowers and a dinner guest. I actually figured out before we got there that it wasn't just going to be just us. But I really had no idea who was joining us. So the ditsy blonde in me walks in and I saw my friend and former co-worker Kendall at the hostess stand. I didn't say anything to Matt, just went up and stuck my head in Kendall's face like "OMG, look who else decided to come to Logans!" (Kendall will tell you that on my first day, she was so excited to find out that someone else lived in Saline county that she told me "We both live in Saline County. So we have to be friends." Guess I gave in to the pressure. Ha!) Anyway...Duh--She was my surprise! It took me a minute. Or maybe like two minutes.

We had a good time--both of us of course talking non-stop. Unfortunately her hubby, Beau, got stuck at work so we like to say he ruined my whole birthday! But nah, it was great!

So turning 34 wasn't so bad! Thanks to Sophie, Kendall, and of course Matt for making it extra special!

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