Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Aerial Photos over Little Rock

Shut the front door! It's Tuesday and there is actually a Ten on Tuesday posted on time! It's time to get back in the groove (and start utilizing my calendar!).

This weekend Matt & I had an exciting adventure. For his birthday (in January), I purchased a flight over Little Rock from Groupon. If you have Groupon, you understand my excitement when this adventure popped up. The other part of his gift was the segway tour in Clearwater. Both were quite adventurous gifts. We like trying new things, though I promise you won't see me skydiving or bungee jumping any time soon. Considering Matt had never flown until our honeymoon, this was really an adventure for him! It was a little rocky or wavy at times, but overall pretty smooth. But for photo sake, keep in mind it wasn't always easy to snap pictures. We generally were about 1,000-2,000 feet above ground. It was amazing how much cooler the air temperature was once we got to about 3,000 feet. The trip ended with a perfectly smooth landing, that the pilot sayed was like the plane almost lands itself.

Anyway, we decided we would do the flight in the spring, after the trees had turned green. But time got away and here it was June, with the gift certificate about to expire. The flight was scheduled for Saturday--a record setting 99 degree day (thus the reason for some hazy pictures). But it didn't matter to us--it was still unforgettable and an awesome way to experience the city views. So today I'll share with you 10 of my favorite photos, in no particular order:

1. Bridges over the river

2. Control panel--How does the pilot ever learn all this?

3. Arkansas River (still full past it's banks)

4. View of the city of downtown Little Rock.

5. Over the CAT facility

6. Capital of Arkansas

7. The Big Dam Bridge (Yes, that's really it's name)

8. Lake Maumelle; off of River (I think)

9. Aerial of our subdivision.

10. Our House and awesome cul-de-sac. Our house is the 2nd from right

I'm ready to go again. Wanna come?

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