Monday, June 27, 2011

To Do: Christmas Shopping


But who is counting? Oh yeah, ME!

With a due date of Christmas Day, it's obvious that I'll have to be on the ball this year. The last two years I've had most of my shopping done by Thanksgiving. In fact, the year we moved to Little Rock, I had everything bought and wrapped so Matt could take it when he moved here the first week of November--as he was driving to IL and I was flying from SC.

We buy a lot of gifts. It's sort of ridiculous. But I love Christmas. I love kids. And I love to shop for others.Needless to say I've already tucked away at least 5 gifts and have started writing down my ideas for others. Because I know we can't travel for Thanksgiving or after, I also know that my santa sleigh will have to be packed and delivered sometime this fall. I also know that come August, I'll want to be baby shopping (a lot!). And I just found out that my neighbor Lindsay is even better at this game than me! She too has a start on Christmas. This weekend she had her daughter's 4th birthday party and showed me the 20 sprinkler buckets she bought on clearance two years ago for $1 each--knowing she would use them in a few years for party favors! Oh, she's a girl after my own heart. And Lindsay--now it's time to compete to see who can be done with Christmas shopping first! (Or tell me your deals!)

So...if you have something on your wish better tell me soon!

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