Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ten on Tuesday (or Thursday): 10 Birthday gifts

Honestly my excuse this time is that I truly just need to get a calendar and mark of days! Ten on Tuesday just didn't cross my mind on Tuesday!

When you get to my age, I generally just get money to pick out what I want for my birthday. I truly don't "need" anything, but like any woman, I can be forced to shop if I have to. It's just making up my mind that becomes a problem for me.

So this week I'm going to list 10 things that I could spend my birthday money on (or you can get for me if you feel so obligated!) In no particular order:

1. Pool Floatie--I realized today at the pool that I must get one soon. This lady at the pool had this giant inflatable one that looked like a Lazy-Boy on water. I need one.

2. Outdoor Rug--Matt is currently working on expanding our deck (pictures to come) and we just got a bigger patio set--the clearance set we got when we first got married had seen it's days. But now I really think that it's time to look all extra fancy and get a cool outdoor rug to go under the table. Imagine how good it will look too after I get the deck stained (keep may be awhile!)

3. Ice Cream Machine--This weekend we went to our neighbors for a cookout (celebrating their new patio that Matt helped with) and they made their own ice cream. I have a small ice cream maker, but it's not like the old fashioned kind. It doesn't use rock salt or ice so it just doesn't seem to have the same effect. I think now I need the old style--except not crank. I'm a wimp and I know it.

4. Cookbook--Also this weekend I discovered a cookbook I want (a sad addiction of mine). I just randomly came across the recipe books at the library and picked up a Trisha Yearwood cookbook to read in the car on our way to Birmingham. I really can't stant Trisha, but I had heard her cookbooks were good. It was just good ole' Southern recipes. So now I think I need my own copy instead of copying down all those recipes.

5. Embosser--Besides baking, most of you know that I attempt to make homemade cards. My craft shelf is overflowing, but I still don't have a Cuddlebug to make embossed paper. It's on my wish list anyway.

6. Ladder-- I posted a picture awhile back of an old shabby white ladder that was hanging horizontally in someone's dining room, with pictures on top of it. I can't get that out of my mind and I am determined to copy that idea. But first, I need the perfect ladder.

7. Camera Gadget--Also from some blog (of course I can't find it now) I learned about a devise you put over the flash called a Lightscoop that redirects the light to make better quality pictures. It was like $30 and seemed like a worthy investment. Sure, it could just be the photographer, but surely this won't hurt.

8. Detailing--I don't usually like to pay for things that I can just do myself, but something I seriously consider investing in is a good car detail. My car is so dusty and nasty. The ole' shop vac can only get so much.

9. Hired Help--I also am considering a lawn boy. This weekend, the neighbor had yet another snake (this makes 3) go over his foot while mowing. And this time it was a poisonous Copperhead. I think I'll be done mowing for awhile!

10. Bum Clothes--Since I no longer have to worry about wearing pants and long sleeves in the summer to my freezing office, I have already realized that I probably am going to have to get some more shorts and sleeveless shirts. Considering it's supposed to be over 95 almost every day this week, I can only imagine what July and August will be like this summer!

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