Friday, June 17, 2011

To Do: Add a deck

OK, I'm fibbing a little when I pretend that adding a deck was on MY to-do list! But I was there as a coach and for moral support and that should count for something.

We actually already had a pretty decent sized deck on the back of our house. But we also had a super steep hill right next to it, that was impossible to mow. And everytime Matt went out to weed wack it, I thought for sure he would come back in missing a toe or two. Our next door neighbors were also craving a deck on the back of their house so they turned to who they call "Bob Villa". I've heard that when something breaks in their house, Katelyn, their 3 year old will say "that's ok. Matt can fix it." (Note: Matt also is known for bribing children with freeze pops and orange push ups!).

Anyway, I was so busy coaching and supporting that I forgot to take a "before" photo. Both porches are complete. Here is our grand finale:

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