Monday, June 13, 2011

To Do: Do me a Favor

It's been awhile now since I had my last day at work, but let's just play catch up. I ended up staying 3 extra days at work past my 2 weeks so I could help put on my co-workers, Regina's, bridal shower. My co-worker Sally & I put together a "crockpot themed" shower (because if you know me, you know it had to have a theme!). We had the tortilla soup I wrote about this spring, cheese dip, and more.

Of course, Regina got her very own crockpot as a shower gift, as well as collection of crockpot recipes from the staff.

It wouldn't be a shower without silly games. You may remember me telling you about how at my Girl Scout bridal shower they played a game with bubble gum, making you add a piece for every question you answered differently than the groom. Yep, this game had to make a return!
Regina was a champ though and despite having sore jaws, she actually made it through most questions by answering correctly!

One of the highlights of the shower was the cake.
Besides it apparently being someone's first day in the bakery, how many mistakes can you see? "Your" instead of "You're". The appostrophe in "days" that isn't necessary! The giant white space next to Regina? The oh crap, I'm out of room and I still have to write Mrs. Taylor? Needless to say, the cake was free :)

I whipped up a few covered Hershey bars as prizes for the game. Here they are:

And Regina liked them so much (or else she was desperate), she asked me to do a favor--She asked me to make them as favors for her wedding! So needless to say, this has been a project on my to-do list since I've been unemployed. 300 candy bars is a lot of candy bars!

But in the end, I was quite proud of the final product.

My friend Regina became Mrs. Taylor yesterday and I hope she had a great wedding day!! I wish her and her new hubby a lifetime of happiness!

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