Friday, June 17, 2011

To Do: Catch up!

I'm back! Hopefully by now you realized I have disappeared from blogging for awhile. Sure, we've had a lot of excitement this past week or so (more blogs to come on the baby for sure), but this week, well I've been S-I-C-K! And really, I can't even blame the kid yet. It's unfortunately the one bad part about living in the South...allergies! I never had them till I moved down South and I'm not sure if I had them as bad as I did this week. Whew--it's been a long week! Starting Monday night, I knew I would be ready to just chop my head off at the neck and I would be all good. Tuesday thru Thursday I spent all most every minute in bed or on the couch. Hopefully the baby likes orange juice and toast because we ate a lot of that this week. But today I am up and moving and having been up only 3 hours, I've already tackled more housewife duties today than I've done all week!

I actually rarely get sick. (Knock on wood please). But I think I know why this time. Do you see what I see in this picture?

Yes, the red, cold Coke can. It's just sitting there, torturing me! I've always said that the 2 reasons I never get sick are that (a) Coke and (b) biting my nails. On the day I took my pregnancy test--I did it. I stopped drinking Coke cold turkey! Really, you should all be sending me cards to congratulate me on that acccomplishment. I went from 3 a day to 0. It helped that I wasn't feeling good and didn't really want Coke, so I just kept going. I've now gone 42 days in case anyone is counting! I will tell you that I had a caffeine-free Coke one night when we had company, but it just didn't taste the same. Matt will tell you that I've drank more water in these 42 days than he has seen me drink in the 13 years we've been together! But he also knows that come delivery day, I better have a Route 44 ice cold Coke waiting for me :)

So now, let me catch up on blogging...

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