Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To Do: Matt's genes vs. Sara's genes

Tomorrow is a big day around here. Well, we can hope! I have my big ultrasound and we are hoping to find out if we can start shopping in the girl section or boy section. Trust me, I have way too much time on my hands right now not to know!

We have also been doing some major household cleaning...transitioning the computer/office into the new nursery....which means getting rid of lots of clutter! Add to that list, I've decided to tackle our huge box of photos and get them more organized (more on that later). But through that process, I've come across some goodies...and don't worry family, this time it's Matt & I's turn for embarrassment!

You've probably heard me whine before that being the 5th child means there are hardly any pictures of you. As revenge, my poor child will probably beg to not have another photo taken! But here is what I looked like as a baby:

Yep, that's as good as I get!

Looking at my toddler pictures, I think it would be all right if the baby takes after me a little.

Ok, maybe not the "Stahl" hair (my mom's side of the family knows what I mean with our straw like hair), but the dimples! I looked so sweet and innocent. (By the way, oh I wish I still had that stroller!)

But then I hit those ackward years. Years with a big S. Many of them! Holy cow let's hope Matt's gene's prevail!!!

Side Note: Matt asked "Why are you wearing jeans?" Because I was just the statistician! Mrs. Baker told me I was too skinny that year to make the team. Bless her heart, I later realized she meant I was weak. Me? Oh Lordy, those glasses, that mullet, my jeans hiked to my non-existing boobs! No wonder Matt always had a crush on me!

Matt was just the second child, but I had to search to find a baby photo of him as well. Here he is at 2 months, looking like he is ready to fight!

I, as the one giving birth, would like to note that small heads do not run in the Ervin family though.

But then, look at this cuteness!

If the baby does end up looking more like Matt, we have been able to watch a sneak peak. This is Matt at our wedding with his cousin's son, Jacob, who is a Matt Jr! Even 8 years later! Below is a picture of Matt in 1st grade to compare.

No matter whose genes win, there is a pretty good chance this kiddo will have blonde hair, a big nose, and dimples. Oh and a great personality :)

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