Thursday, August 11, 2011

To Do: Get Matt a Haircut

Have you seen all of those posts on Facebook about "You know you are from Blue Mound if..."?

Well, I have one. You know you are from Blue Mound if you ever waited several hours to get a haircut from Barber Bob. Yes, I can tell you that Matt has spent many hours of his life with Barber Bob. Because not only did you used to have to wait (he now goes by appointments...duh), but a haircut actually takes an hour to get! No exaggeration!

But Matt will tell you that precision takes time. To say he LOVES Barber Bob's haircuts is an understatement. Since we moved from IL three years ago, it's the one thing Matt still can't let go. He had only gone to Barber Bob for the first 30 years of his life--no one else could possibly do it the same!

When we were home last, it was obvious that Matt was due for a trim. My family sure got a kick out of seeing Matt's curls in the nice humidity.

But a miracle happened--Barber Bob gave Matt a haircut. Oh no, this was special. See, almost every time we go back home, Matt calls Barber Bob and schedules a haircut--whether he really needs it or not. But this time was special because Barber Bob told us that it was the first time he has ever given a haircut on a Sunday! Yep, that's the royal treatment you get when you drive 8 hours for a haircut.

Oh Barber Bob!

P.S.--Matt has already informed me that "Mateo" will also have to go to Barber Bob!

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