Friday, August 12, 2011

To Do: Make a Peach Pie

If you have been a blog reader for awhile now, you probably already know about our love for white peaches. It's just like candy corn in the fall--you can't pass them up! We had just made a peach cobbler a week or two ago using some white peaches from the farmer's market. But, when we saw these beauties at Sam's Club on Sunday, we knew we just couldn't pass them up. And oh, were they good!!

By Wednesday they were nice and ripe. But I decided instead of another cobbler, I would try out one of those new recipes that I had tore out of the July Southern Living magazine. It was called Brown Sugar Cinnamon Peach Pie. It was a long (and somewhat detailed recipe) so instead of typing it up, check out this link:

I love making pies, but even though it's probably my favorite, I had never made a peach pie. The recipe had me making the dough from scratch. I normally just used the recipe on the Crisco can, but went with this one. Next time, I'll go back to my usual crust. This one was a little tough to me, though it tasted fine. (Tip: Pie ingredients work best when cold. You can keep your Crisco in the freezer and it won't freeze). As you can see, my crust would definitely not have earned me a blue ribbon at the fair. And if I was a 4-Her still, I'm sure my Home-Ec teacher mother would have made me start over.

But you know, once I added those amazing peaches (which look like apples since they are white), it really didn't matter.

I figured it already wasn't the world's prettiest pie, so this would be a time to try yet another new skill. I made my first lattice top. Again, I see the red ribbon presentation, but really, Matt doesn't care.

Long story short--see if your local Sam's has white peaches in stock now and go try this recipe. It was yummy!
PS: Dear Matt's co-workers, until Pampered Chef comes out with a peach peeler, pitter, likely won't be getting a peach pie no matter how much you beg!

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