Thursday, August 11, 2011

To Do: Age Slowly

Well, now the hard part--designing the nursery. It's not decorating that overwhelms me--I'm excited to have a new room to do. It's deciding! We have at least narrowed it down to 2 concepts, yes themes. The problem is: I love them both! Because I know you will ask, the two themes are: Nautical vs. Alphabet/Vintage Toys.

Anyway, in doing my "research" for vintage Fisher Price toys available on ebay (tons by the way!), I came across some photos of toys that I remember having in our house growing up. Since most say they are 1960's or 70's, I'm assuming that several probably belonged to my older siblings. But looking at these toys was like a mini-flashback! If we go with the vintage theme, I'm sure many of these will be gracing the little guy's room---and I bet he will love to hear about how his mommy used to have that toy when she was a kid!

Did you have any of these?

And of course this would go with the ABC theme!
Ok, this silly log cabin with the squirrels was one of my very favorites!!

Yes, I know Aunt Sara & Uncle Matt have purchased this for birthday gifts. I'm not scared!

When I announced that I was pregnant, my sister Sherry said "Oh my Gosh! You are going to be the oldest mom in the school!" (Or something along that line). I may be 34, but I just don't feel 34. And really, I don't care. But a few weeks ago when we were in IL, my niece, Kara (Sherry's daughter ironically) came to realize my age. (She thought I was just 26--said it was like I just never changed ages. I agree!) Anyway, she too said "You are going to be such an old mom!"

I will just have you know that I made the cutoff. I did not have to go to the 35+ section! (Title of the book you probably can't read says "Your Pregnancy: After Age 35).

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