Thursday, August 11, 2011

To Do: Think Blue

Here I go again...last week...we had the big ultrasound. It was like waiting for Santa to come as we waited anxiously for the big day to arrive to find out if the baby was a boy or girl. Luckily, though he is quite active in there, the baby did cooperate and show us his goods. Nothing like making his daddy proud (if you know what I mean!). Yep, no doubt it's a boy!

(And we have about 5 other pictures of his private parts in case you still have doubts! Geez, the radiology tech was proud of that discovery!)

I didn't figure you would care to see a picture of his femur bone or hand....but if you want, I have them...ha! Overall, we didn't get any super great photos this time. But I think this one is pretty cool too, showing all the bones in his spine. Matt's a little jealous he can bend like that!
The little guy seems to be growing just like he is supposed to. Which for this Child Development major, I just find so fascinating! It's all just like magic!

And as for ME growing, well, I guess I'm becoming the Dough Boy like magic too! I went from gaining 1.5 lbs at my last visit, to gaining 3.5 lbs this visit. I honestly feel like maybe I've already gained 3 lbs since last week!! I'm still in my regular clothes, but here's a secret--I rarely have my the button on my pants buttoned! So, since you've been is my first baby bump photo (20 weeks).

Photo may make me larger than I appear, at least I think so

The other excitement is that I finally have felt his kicks! It's kind of cool, yet kind of weird all at the same time!

Finally, even though we know the little guy's name, you know we aren't telling. I think I'll call him Mateo (the spanish version of Matt) on the blog. It's a name I like, but I hate to disappoint our favorite Mexican's Lynda & Itzel, it's not his real name! But let me end with a funny story about names:

When we were visiting the Browns in Alabama this summer, we chose that weekend to tell them our news about the baby. Jude, age 4, was quite excited. Because Jude truly deep down loves Justin Beiber, he thought we should name it Justine if it was a girl. When we asked him what we should name it if it was a boy, without a second of hesitation, he said "Usher." Hmm..Usher Ervin? We'll have to think about that!

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