Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Review

Sure Easter was a week ago, but better late than never! I wouldn't want you to miss out on all of the exciting details of our Easter weekend in St. Louis. Matt somehow convinced my sister, Sharolyn that Easter should be at her house. It only saved us about 2 hours of driving (well 1 on the way there!) but we had fun.

We got most of our food made on Friday so we could relax the rest of the time. We went to Charming Charlies (jewelry store) at the mall, then met the guys for mexican. Meanwhile, we heard tornado sirens but pretty much just ignored them. Probably not such a great idea considering what happened to St. Louis that night, but oh well.

Saturday all the girls had arrived (my brother decided not to come). We all went to get pedicures...not my favorite thing to do but I managed to not kick the lady.
We did a little more shopping then headed back for our Easter dinner. Everyone chipped in to make the meal:

Susan taught us how to make some new appetizers. Sherry made oriental salad and my favorite--strawberry pretzel salad. Sharolyn made the fancy shmancy Paula Deen ham and gourmet turkey (with J.R.'s amazing basting skills). And I made the 7 layer salad and darn deviled eggs (they were a devil to shell). Mom made cheesy potatoes and pies. It was all super yummy!

We even got to eat off of Sharolyn's china! Here's the whole gang:

After dinner, it was a serious game of Rummikub, with several "rules" variations!

Of course that night we had to also have an Easter egg hunt. The coolest aunt & uncle were in charge! (Yes, that's us). I had a brilliant idea to make it a night hunt, except the glow-in-the-dark paint wouldn't stick to the eggs. Oh well. Nathan helped me stuff all the eggs. All 232 eggs to be exact! Told you we were cool!

And really cool aunts and uncles buy the eggs that come with confetti inside! (It cleans up!)

Maggie was right there with us too!

Because it was too nasty to go outside, the hunt took place indoors. They started by having all the lights off and only using their flashlights.

Natalie will tell you that she found the most! (She did)

But Nathan will find a way to convince you he found the most!

Sharolyn reports that they have since found a few more eggs since we left!

The joke of the weekend was that it was discovered that Nathan and Natalie didn't know their favorite aunt and uncle's last name. Apparantly, it's because when the other families arrive it's announced "The Turnholts are here" or "The Nicholls are here." But when we arrive, it's just "Matt & Sara are here." So we made sure that by the time we left they knew our name was Ervin!

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