Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To Do: Snake-A-Way

I HATE snakes! Not just dislike them, but HATE them! My whole life I have been petrified of them. I just hate the way they surprise you out of no where and the way they slither around gives me the heeby-jeebies! The last month has given us lots of rain here in Arkansas (like practically every day). Perfect for the snakes I guess.

Apparently, our next door neighbors have found 2 snakes in their yard in the last few weeks while their 3 year old daughter played in the grass. This enormous, gross snake had make it's way to their patio!

And to provide me more comfort, they just had to mention that it was headed towards our fence. Needless to say, I avoid as many trips to the yard as possible. You should have seen me mowing the other day....I think I literally looked at every blade of grass...just in case!

Then, this weekend I discovered this in the grass between our two houses:

(Yes Jeremy, I saw you moved it to our yard! Please don't be disturbed by our patch of dead grass here).

Oh, I forgot to mention that the snake on the rake above was killed. So...this means he has family around! OMG! This skin is over a foot long...probably 2 feet if you ask me!

I really have tried to get over my fear. Unfortunately, there are many more poisonous snakes around this darn natural state. Jeremy even told me once about a snake called a Blue Chaser, that literally will chase you. That makes my heart skip a beat just thinking about it! (But then again, I've learned I can't always believe what Jeremy tells me either). This winter, I took Sophie and her kids to the science museum. Go figure--it was snake day! They were everywhere!! By the end of the visit, I put on my brave face (all for the kids' sake mind you) and helped hold this monster. And yes, I was sure we got a picture.

My fear did not go away.

I don't know, but Matt better get the snake-away put down fast! (That's on his to-do list as I am still avoiding contact with grass).

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  1. I am with you on the "dislike" of snakes, Sara. I always dreaded visiting the retile house at the zoos...snakes just give me the willies!! I think that is why God invented get rid of snakes. Mom used to come running out in the yard when I was mowing, thinking I had cut off my foot or something, because I would scream whenever I came upon snakes in our yard!