Sunday, May 15, 2011

To Do: Remember prom

Last weekend, two of my nieces got to go to their first prom. It's hard to believe that these girls here are that old already!

I may be a little biased, but I thought both of them looked absolutely stunning!! And their dress choices were just the best!!



Of course, everyone wants to think back to how wonderful their proms were. Mine were just ok. I had fun and all, but it's not like I ended up marrying my prom date or anything. Oh wait, that's because he went with my best friend...

Trust me, I looked all over trying to find their official prom picture. It's somewhere in this house. I never will let Matt & Erin live it down! Unfortunately though right now the only proof I can find is this yearbook photo.

My junior year I was quite the rebel. I asked a guy, Ryan Young, from Macon--the school we were about to merge with. I went to Macon in the morning for classes and met Ryan in keyboarding. How romantic! He was actually a year younger than me so I didn't get to go to his prom. Ironically, I did get to go to his wedding...because him and Matt ended up becoming friends. Anyway, it was 1994, but my dress looks 1980's to me with those big ole' shoulder pads!

And what I remember most was that I was so darn sick that day. I remember when I went to get my hair done, I cried the whole time because it hurt my head so much. I was feverish and I just took a lot of drugs right before I left. I wasn't going to miss it. Let's hope that my illness is to blame for the extreme paleness!

My Senior year I opted to skip the date (or the dates opted to skip me), and I went with my friend Jennifer. Even though the rest of our group of friends had dates, I really just remember all of us hanging out. Especially at post prom--which seemed to be more fun for this girl that can't dance than prom.

Again, it's ok to laugh

Oh, the prom days. Fortunately, the dresses have come a long ways!!


  1. Ok- so I know everyone to your left and in front of you, but who are the girls to your right? :) shelly

  2. The girl on the far left in purple is Jennifer Brewer. Next to me is Kelly Metzger (one of those Macon people...LOL).

  3. That's an awesome picture of Mackenzie and Kara with no front teeth! Bobby wants to know where you keep getting all of these pictures, since he'd never seen the one of him from Sharolyn's wedding before. As for your prom dresses, well... They're so nice and poofy!

  4. Hey...there's nothing wrong with those Macon people!

  5. Another good post, Sara! Kara looked a lot like Nate does now with all those missing teeth! I, too, am impressed you can dig out all of these old pictures. J.R. had a good laugh that Erin and Matt went to prom together. Didn't you and Matt go to another dance together, maybe Homecoming?

  6. And I love remembering your prom too! I got such a kick out of watching your prom video during our freshman year!