Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I Plan To Do as a Housewife of Little Rock

Stayed tuned as I may be the new feature on The Housewives of Little Rock! I can't wait to be a housewife, as here are my summer plans:

  1. Join the Pool---Sure we will take the waverunner out on the weekends, but I better work on my tan. I know you all have high expectations on my annual tan!

  2. Get a Library Card--Kind of ironic that I want to teach kids how to read, yet I don't have a library card. Honestly, I don't even know where the library is! But this summer I am going to figure that out because I will need something to read by the pool for heaven's sake.

  3. Clean my house--It's nothing to be jealous about for sure, but I need to give my house a big ole' scrub down....oven, windows, baseboards, ceiling fans, porch furniture, etc. Oh, and maybe I really will get the storm closet cleaned out for good.

  4. Whip up some cards-- This is my chance. I want to have cards made ahead of birthdays, deaths, weddings, etc. Don't count on it, but I'll try to get your card to you at least the week of your event next year.

  5. Volunteer--Our House has probably wondered where I disappeared to. I really want to get back to a consistent schedule so I can love on those babies more often!

  6. Stain the Deck--And all other jobs on Matt's list. But I did promise him that I would get the deck stained...because let's face it...I could probably use the extra bit of sunshine hitting my white legs.

  7. Try New recipes--And paybacks to Matt will be that every week we are going to try a new recipe. Don't tell him though. He hates new recipes! But I know that I will instantly be sucked into a million blogs and my recipe book will be overflowing with ones I want to try.

  8. Clean off the DVR--I would almost be embarrassed if you saw how much was on the DVR right now. I mean, I have to watch every episode of Oprah's final season. But I do have to set some time aside for some serious tv watching.

  9. Clip Coupons--Times are going to be tough. I don't think it would be cool to be a Housewife of Little Rock AND be on Extreme Couponing, so I'll just do a little. But I used to be a lot better at using coupons and websites like hip2save.com and I just need to try again.

  10. Blog more often--Maybe I'll go for 2 times a week. Maybe. But then again, I wonder what I will write about??


  1. Can I come job shadow you then this summer?

  2. Sounds like a good plan!! We can point you towards the library...I like to take Kate to storytime occassionally.

  3. #1 rule of being a Stay at Home: Multi-tasking! So I figure if you just rub a little stain on those chalky legs of yours, it will cover 1 & 6. And forget the library card--take your final paycheck and buy a Kindle!!! Without having to run to the library all the time you will have more time for clipping coupons!