Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Inspirational Projects

I first got swallowed into this darn blogging world because my sister introduced me to a few decorating sites. She told me to wait till I quit working (we were about to move to Little Rock), but like usual, I didn't listen. I hate being in suspense.

Quickly I realized that there was some super talented, very creative people out there. My blog list in my favorites is just simply ridiculous. And my saved pictures file is quite full too. So today I'm sharing 10 of my favorite inspiration photos that I have saved (sorry, unless they are stamped, I likely don't know where to find them to give them credit...or to get more ideas).

In no particular order...

This one is my #1 favorite! I think it will be on Matt's to-do list one day!

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