Sunday, April 17, 2011

To Do: Go Camping

On my job description it does not note "go camping with a smile" but I think that falls under the category of "all other jobs as assigned."

I don't mind being outdoors, but camping just isn't my thing. It seems like a lot of work, without a lot of sleep. Two strikes against it already.

But last week, I went camping for 2 nights. Our membership department has a "retreat" (now called Staff Development Days due to the lack of fun) twice a year. This spring, we saved money on hotels and instead got to experience the other side of Girl Scouts...Girl Scout camp!

1980's picture stolen from internet

My boss, Anna Beth, and I went down on Tuesday night to get the camp ready for the rest of the staff. I admit, I wondered what I did to get this extra day of punishment. But once I got there, it wasn't so bad. In fact, I sort of enjoyed it. (Don't tell her that though). We wiped alway the traces of spider webs, swept the inches of pollen from the tables and bathroom floors, and bought enough groceries to feed 25 people for 4 meals and snacks (that's a lot of groceries!). We cooked past midnight. Anna Beth will admit she doesn't usually cook. But I actually learned how to make fiesta-seasoned chicken in a pan from her! And I also have a new breakfast recipe! My family will laugh knowing what I spent the evening making.... Yep, the dreaded vegetable tray! (We fight over who has to bring this to family functions). My boss was great because she let us stay in a building the first night instead of the cabins. I know AB is a true camper and sleeping indoors was probably a sacrifice for her. I on the other hand had to borrow a sleeping bag! And let's just compare our luggage to illustrate who is the real camper:

You may notice my bag is overflowing...because I was sure to come prepared with many, many layers.

Anna Beth came with a hat and a toothbrush I think!

The next two days were busy with workshops, brainstorming, practice role-playing, etc. The next night, I discovered I was a hero in my cabin of 5 women, as I was the only one who would kill the spiders. And despite the cool air, I slept like a baby!

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