Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I've Never Done

Hope everyone is safe tonight. I hear that Illinois is getting pounded with hail and tornadoes and considering our weather radio has already gone off, I'm sure we are headed for much the same here later tonight (I heard they call this fatality alley since tornadoes here keep happening in the middle of the night!). It's hard to believe it's been 15 years since Decatur was struck back-to-back with tornadoes. What a terrible weekend. I was on campus and remember being so scared. And our sorority's formal was the next night at the Holiday Inn, just across from where one of them hit. Time sure does fly.

But even though time flies, I realized there is still lots I haven't done. So here we go for this week's installment:

  1. In honor of the approaching Easter dinner, I know for sure I won't be bringing the homemade yeast rolls made from scratch. Even with 10 years of cooking projects in 4-H, I steered away from the breads. (I didn't want to fail). When I worked at the 4-H office I grabbed a copy of that project book, but have yet to give it a try. One day I will. Everyone keeps raving about the Pioneer Woman's recipe so really it's on my list to do.

  2. Also related to 4-H failures, I have never sewn an outfit from scratch without help from my mom. (FYI--My mom was a home-ec teacher too if you didn't know that). She always just told me what to do when I had to sew, and rip out, for 4-H. Today, I have no clue how to cut out a pattern. I can thread the machine and sew curtains and pillows, but that's as far I excel.

  3. I've never been hospitalized. I'm rarely sick (thanks to biting my nails) and despite not being so coordinated, I've managed to escape major injury. I have no idea what an iv feels like, or a broken bone, or getting put to sleep...nor do I care to know.

  4. I've never been pulled over by the cops. I follow rules. I think if I ever do get pulled over, I would for sure either have a panic attack or burst into tears. Do you think they would let me get out of it considering I've been good for for almost 18 years?

  5. I've never had a cavity. Yes, my teeth may be crooked and slightly yellow but I must just be lucky (And hopefully I'm not jinxing myself here). It seems like a joke when I confess to the dental hygienist that I drink several cokes and sweet teas a day, but so far I've avoided that horrid drill I hear about.

  6. My great-grandpa was a farmer. My Grandpa was a farmer. My uncle is a farmer. I lived in Illinois for 30+ years. But...I've never rode in a combine. I just never thought much about it I guess until I moved away and started missing the harvest season. It's something that now I really would like to do.

  7. My office co-worker Kendall is going to gasp and yell out loud, but I have never read nor seen the movies of any classics like Gone with the Wind or Casablanca. It still would take a lot of consideration to do it now.

  8. I have never tried to golf. Putt-putt is about the extent. I just think the probability of me swinging with enough umph and actually making contact with that itty, bitty ball without removing a big ole' chunk of dirt seems like about a 2% odds.

  9. I grew up on 12 acres, and we mowed about 10 of those acres. But I was always in charge of mowing the patch in front of the house and along the ditch. All with a push mower (oh where was my self-propelled mower then!). I have never driven a riding lawn mower or tractor to mow.

  10. Recently I discovered something that is quite common here in the South that I have never done....go to an estate sale. In the North, they just pile all of your "crap" into boxes from the liquor store and throw it on the rack wagon. But here, they tag it and let everyone rummage through your house, just as you left it. Well, that's what I presume. I do love antiques, and I do love looking at houses so I'm definitely going to have to add this to my to-do list.

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

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