Sunday, April 17, 2011

Storm update

Considering it's Sunday and Friday at 2am was when the storms hit, hopefully you aren't just now questioning whether Matt & I are fine. But...if you are...we are fine.

Everyone seems to have their storm story to tell. Ours isn't all that exciting really. Basically, the weather radio started going off at 10pm. Around 12am, it was going off much more often. I got out bed to go check out the tv coverage (this is when I wish we had a tv in our bedroom!). It was just firing up on the West side of the state so I knew we had some time. But still, it was hard to sleep, as I was so worried I would sleep through it. Needless to say, the storm radio made sure that didn't happen. A little before 2am, I was up and I told Matt he better get out of bed as it was about to hit our area. We were under a tornado warning, though the weatherman said there was only a 35% of a tornado. It was the straight-line winds and hail that were a problem. He wasn't kidding! Minutes later, Matt was looking out the windown in the family room. We were just waiting for a giant rain storm. Instead, came the wind. The windows literally gave a squeel, and Matt & I bolted for the storm closet (which unfortunately still needs cleaned out...but when your life is at risk, you make do!). By the time we got to the closet, the wind was more of a roar and the hail was pounding down. Matt & I both say we've never heard wind like that. The weatherman said it was gusting to 80mph, but later reports said it went even higher. It was scary!! We really wondered if the room would blow off or even if we really were under a tornado.

Fortunately, we don't have trees near our house! Our porch furniture all blew over. Even the grill moved about a foot. But sadly, 7 people died here in the Little Rock area because trees fell on their houses (houses, not even trailers). 3 of them were just kids. This is a photo of the tree that fell on a house that killed a mom and her 8 year old son, leaving safe a 2 year old and an infant without a mom.

Source: KARK 4

Breaks your heart!

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