Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To Do: Sleep!

We're back! You would think that after 10 days away on an awesome vacation, I would feel so refreshed and revitalized. Wrong! I barely can keep my eyes open and I can hardly wait to get back in bed. We packed a lot into our 10 days (more on that to come) so I guess we just wore ourselves out. Plus, the last two nights' sleep has been a little disruptive... as I seem to have a cat either laying on me or in my face every time my body even moves an inch. 10 days may have been a little too long for poor Shadow! I can hardly wait to tell you about our trip and show off the pictures. Slowly but surely. Let me start by telling you about our airport adventures. Oh, we traveled all right. 8 airports total! Here was the flight plan Little Rock-to Baltimore-to Ft. Meyers Tampa-to Altanta-to Bloomington St. Louis-to Chicago-to Little Rock And miraculously...all the luggage made it, no delays, no missed flights---It all went perfect! Let me just say that I knew yesterday (my first day back to work) that I am ready to start planning the next adventure!

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