Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vacation Destination

If you know much about Matt & I, you know that (a) we like to travel and (b) we really like to travel to Florida. So it probably wasn't much of a surprise that our vacation destination is FLORIDA! This is a picture (courtesy of my cousin's daughter who was just there last week). Ah, paradise!
In about 53 hours, I will be saying "hello sunshine state" (but please don't fry me on day 1). Seriously, I can hardly believe that I have to bare this ultra-white flesh to the world. And let's not even kid ourselves that I would come back slighly bronzed. We all know better.
Anyway, one more day of work, then the hubs and I will just be chillin'...all while getting paid. That truly is the best part of working--vacation days!

Here is our plan:

We arrive in Tampa on Thursday evening. Friday, we are headed to Busch Gardens.
Sadly, our friends from Alabama (who were supposed to be vacationing in Orlando), are no longer going to be able to join us. Bummer! But I'm sure Matt will be content considering Busch is served! Neither of us have ever been there so it will be a new adventure.
Saturday, we'll likely hang out in Clearwater....site of our wedding almost 8 years ago. Who knows, maybe Fred will be on site doing another ceremony (and we can be those crazy tourists who watch all the action!)
Sunday it's farther South we go as we head to Ft. Myers. Follower #12 (Beth) and Follower #18 (Derek) will drag the rest of the family with them and meet us at the Cardinals vs. Red Sox spring training baseball game. Tentative plans right now are to take them to Sanibel Island following so they can see the massive amount of shells there. Unfortunately, our favorite restaurant, The Mucky Duck, is closed on Sunday's, but I'm sure at some point we will make a trip back for their famous key lime pie.
Monday is what I'm most excited about. We are getting on a high speed boat and headed to Key West! Another Florida spot we can cross off our bucket list! We are staying there for 2 nights, hoping of course, to enjoy lots of margaritas.
And to wrap up the week, we'll likely adventure back to Ft. Myers, Sanibel, and Clearwater...probably just catching some rays and swimming--Yes, it's a big deal. Matt hasn't been submersed in water since June 2008.
So look out old Blue Hairs, the Ervin's are on their way!!

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  1. Have a great time and take lots of pics with the new camera! Make sure Matt doesn't get bit by any sharks - that would be a lot more surgeries and more years banned from the water ;).