Saturday, March 5, 2011

To Do: Prepare Storm Shelter

On the radio the other day they were talking about a time you asked people to not judge you. One was a 30 year old who married a 17 year old (ok, that's hard for me not to judge), and another was a lady who was a cashier at a strip club but wasn't a stripper. Today, I ask you not to judge me.

This is the closet in the office:
While I'm not ready to be featured yet on hoarders, this is bad. Why?

Because this closet is our storm shelter--supposedly the safest place to go in case of a tornado, yet I don't think Shadow could get in, let alone Matt & I. Mental Picture: Picture the 3 of us huddled in there together. (And no kinky thoughts either). It's happened.

I want you to know, in my defense, that almost every other closet in my house is neatly (sorta) organized. I believe that everything in my house has a place. I even go as far as having my clothes arranged by sleeve length then color, all on white hangers. But this closet, well, it just got out of control. The items are the floor are a scale that goes in the kitchen but got moved out for Christmas decorations, two Disney polos (don't ask) that need to go on ebay, diploma frames that need hung (but first we have to track down Matt's diploma), and a suitcase full of my Uppercase Living displays (which are no longer needed now that I don't sell it). Cleaning this closet can't be put off much longer. I mean we are bullseye for storms!

While I LOVE the warm, sunny spring days, that often means that skies are likely to turn to this before too long.

But have no fear--we have our handy dandy storm radio.

It's what my boss would call a "necessary evil." The city gave it to us from a grant they received, which was a nice gift, yet sometimes I want to throw it across the room. Since it sits on my side of the bed, it seems that I lose more sleep worrying about this horrifically loud siren (that must be manually shut off) going off in the middle of the night more so than I worry about dying from a tornado.

One night the radio went off unexpectantly at like 3am. I reached over and just hit the first button I could reach. It said "Child Abduction Alert." Weird. I had never heard that alert announced before. I thought it was only for watches and warnings. So...I hit it again. This time it announced "Avalanche Alert." No joke. I'm no geography expert, but I figured I must have hit the wrong button.

But I tell you if there was a chance of avalanches happening in Little Rock, the weather on the t.v. station would be warning us for days. I seriously think a required course for those weathermen must be INCREASING ANXIETY 101. I have to say, often I fall for it. And so yes, the next time the tornado warning is issued, I will hopefully be found in my nice, neat organized storm closet.

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  1. Grandma Stahl would be proud of you for having a storm radio! But with your frequent moves to various houses, make sure you find one with a basement next will protect you from storms and give you more closet space!